May 12, 2016

Summer To-Do List

This year has just flown by, and it's hard to believe I am approaching my junior year of college.  It's also hard to believe that I am even old enough to be this far into my college year.  I honestly feel like I was just in high school, getting ready for graduation and going to prom.

This summer I have an internship working in digital engagement which I am so excited for, but I can't help miss the adventure I had last summer studying abroad in Italy.

I am hoping to get back on schedule for blogging and improve the quality (and quantity) of my posts over the next few months.  If you didn't notice, this year my blogging schedule has been a little unreliable as school took first priority in many instances.

I have decided to come up with a summer to-do (or bucket?) list in terms of blogging.

Get back to posting every weekday. 
There was a long while where I had posts going live every day of the week without fail.  It was hard to stick to that this year because my classes became more challenging and called for more of my time, and while I will be busy this summer I'm hoping to use the time off from school work to come up with more post ideas, and get posts scheduled far in advance!

Shoot more outfit posts. 
In college it's a little tricky to shoot outfits because I usually take photos myself, with my tripod, and can get some pretty weird stares from other students if I'm standing outside alone with my camera.  (I've found an amazing photographer, Taylor though who took amazing photos in this outfit and this one!).  This summer I want to get back outside with my tripod and capture outfits.

Schedule posts a week in advance. 
One of the biggest things that held me back this school year with blogging was that I didn't schedule posts early enough, and before I knew it I didn't have a post for the next day and was too busy with studying to draft one last minute.  Let me tell you, coming up with blog post ideas under pressure is not easy! I've noticed after a few years of blogging, there are more and more topics that seem too mundane.  When you give yourself time, it's so much easier to have a bak of great posts!

I think that one of the most important things that I learned this school year is how important this blog is to me.  One of my classes this semester was called "Introduction to Creativity," which was such a fun class about creative processes and it truly challenged me to think about my own creative process. I learned a lot about myself as a creator, and how I use this blog as my creative outlet.  I can't wait to let my biggest focus be Dash of Serendipity again this Summer!

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