April 19, 2016

Dash Dines: Mercat Bistro

My mom was in town this past weekend for my sorority's Mom's weekend! It was so nice to have her here to not only get to spend time with her, but also because we got to explore some new restaurants in Dallas.  Having a parent in town is a great opportunity to try somewhere new that may be a little more expensive than the places I would ordinarily go with friends.  There are so many restaurants in Dallas that I want to try, so this was a great weekend to knock some off my list!

I've been meaning to stop in Mercat Bistro for a few months now after I spotted one of their Instagram posts and fell in love with the cute french cafe.  The day we went was incredibly dreary and rainy, which I think made this restaurant even cuter.  It was so cozy sitting inside the small and bustling Bistro.

The brunch menu was full of mouth watering dishes, but ultimately my mom and I decided to go with the green chile crepe and the quiche lorraine, and to start, we ordered the ricotta and honeycomb.

The ricotta and honeycomb was unexpectedly cold, but delicious all the same.  The ricotta actually had the consistency of cheesecake because it was pretty firm, but spread across the toast with a bit of honey it was so delicious.

The slice of quiche that came as my meal was just huge.  I was hungry, but definitely couldn't have finished the whole slice, no matter how much I wanted to.  It was so delicious.  Incredibly fluffy and well seasoned, I can say this was the best quiche I've ever had.

My mom's savory crepe was just as good.  The crepe was just as fluffy and filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, and jalapeƱos.  It almost reminded me of a breakfast taco with a french twist.

We left our meal happily full and excited to come back again!

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