April 7, 2016

8 Adorable Phone Cases

I love phone cases and used to get a lot of hate for having so many when I used to post my daily #ootd on tumblr.  But, what's wrong with having more than a few phone cases? There are so many cute ones out there and recently I've been forgetting to change mine out.  Maybe it's because my phone screen is completely shattered?

My favorite of this bunch is the piñata phone case!!! If you saw my instagram last night you may notice a piñata theme going on in my life.  I don't know what it is, but suddenly I'm piñata obsessed, and for no reason!! 

Also, all of these phone cases are 25% off (yippee!!) with the Shop Bop friends and family sale!! Today's the last day to shop, so hurry and save while you can with the code inthefam at check out!

Which phone case do you like the most?

1 comment:

  1. Great picks! I actually just bought a flamingo case for summer and I'm super excited to start using it! I always change out my cases, too!




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