November 23, 2015

Gifts for the Guys

Patagonia Vest I love this vest and know a lot of guys who love wearing Patagonia.  This vest is a great option for guys because it's more budget conscious ($99) than the full fleece and it's a little more unique too. 

S'well Water Bottle  This water bottle is just amazing! I haven't really expressed my love for S'well on here much yet, but I really love mine! This wood patterned one is pretty ~masculine~ for all the guys! 

Turntable If you know a guy that loves music, a turntable could be a great gift.  The Crosley Cruiser from target is about $79 and is such a fun way to listen to all your favorite songs. 

Barbour Socks These socks are just so cute.  Any dog lover may appreciate these as a stocking stuffer or small gift! 

Needlepoint Hat Who doesn't love a fun hat? I love the needlepoint hats from Smathers and Branson  and they come in a variety of different styles including sports teams and schools! 

Tartan Scarf This scarf is great and super wintery.  I can imagine a lot of guys loving this to wear during the holiday season.  

Cufflinks These cufflinks are simple and classic and will be used nicely by most guys!

Flag Belt Show off some patriotism with a flag belt to don all year round. 

Wireless Headphones These seem so cool to me and perfect for the gym so that you don't have to keep your phone attached to you! 

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