September 18, 2015

Friday Finds

I swear each week I format Friday Finds differently, I guess I just haven't found a format I love.  So I apologize if every week seems to look a little different.  This week has felt so long but I'm happy the weekend is here because I have so much to do!!

I'm planning on filming a few videos this weekend so leave your requests in the comments down below!

DRIFT Modern

Earlier this week I got the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Traci Clancy, the designer of the gorgeous jewels.  I'm obsessed with her stuff and think that many of you will be too! I'm so happy my friend Mary (you may remember her feature on FF awhile back as Not for Plebs!) introduced us.  I'm sure you'll be seeing DRIFT modern on DoS again very soon, but for now check out her collection!

I'm dying to get back in the kitchen.  After cooking almost every night this summer, I'm having serious withdrawals while living in the dorm this year.  I've taken to Pinterest to curate all the recipes I need to try next time I'm home, which coincidentally have been tons of cookie recipes! Peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies?  Chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips?  Twix thumbprint  cookies? YES PLEASE!


  1. Mmmm those cookies!! I miss the kitchen too, so excited to have some free time and get cookin' this weekend :)

  2. I want those cookies!! I hate how you can't make yummy treats in the dorms

    Meet Me in Midtown

  3. Those cookies look heavenly! Congrats on your pairing with DRIFT; you two will make the perfect partnership!

    XOXO Paulina



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