August 6, 2015

Summer (Tie Dye) Blues

I have been living in this outfit recently.  When I find the perfect, comfortable dress it's hard for me to take it off.  I'm a huge fan of this dress because it's not only light but it's also the perfect silhouette optimize comfort.  Can I also just point out that I got this dress for $12 at j.crew? Reason #1219902 why I never buy J.Crew full priced.  (It's still on sale now though, but for $22, not bad).  For now, I'm pairing this dress with a denim jacket, but once I get back in Dallas I'll have to put my jacket away for awhile.  I'm definitely not ready for the 105 degree heat... 

How cute are these sunglasses? They're different for me but I really like the shape. Also, clear frames are so in right now! I found these at & other stories (a brand from H&M) that I stumbled across while shopping in the city.  They had some great accessories like these shades! 


  1. I absolutely love that tie dye dress! It looks awesome with the denim jacket! Such a cute outfit :)

    Mackenzie |

    1. Thank you so much, Mackenzie! I've been loving reading your blog lately!

  2. The sunglasses are soo cute!! Love it (:

  3. Love love LOVE this look on you! I need that dress in my life!
    Marisa Quinn

  4. I feel like everyone's getting into layering on shades of blue lately. This outfit looks just lovely on you!



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