August 10, 2015

Gingham and Hot Air Balloons

This classic gingham j.crew outfit has been on repeat so much lately.  I wore this outfit to the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning two weeks ago.  Apparently, New Jersey hosts the largest hot air balloon festival in the country! One of my top bucket list items is to ride in a hot air balloon, so how could I pass up finally heading to the festival this year? It was such a fun afternoon and I got to ride a tethered hot air balloon, which was a lot cheaper than doing a full ride (just $20 compared to over $200!).  It was so much fun and I can't wait to eventually go for a real ride sometime!

This button down is so easy to throw on with almost anything.  In the dead of summer, white chino shorts are the best option, though I've paired this with white jeans as well at night! I forgot how much I loved button downs until I pulled this one out a few weeks ago.  They're so versatile and insanely comfortable.  Look out for this top in a fun video (yes, video!) on the blog tomorrow!

Also, something really exciting is that Dash of Serendipity is finally on FACEBOOK! Head over to my Facebook page and hit "Like" if you want! You'll be able to see posts directly from there and see exclusive content just on Facebook.


  1. I love Gingham and I am dying to ride in a hot air balloon as well!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. Woohoo, NJ! I wish I could've gone this time around :( These are some really beautiful shots! I need to invest in me a gingham shirt or two...

  3. Such a cute and classic summer outfit! I'm a Jersey girl too, I wish I knew about this festival!! Great post. XO, Nicole

  4. I wear this outfit at least once a month and I have no shame! It's so effortless and easy to wear while looking presentable! Wish I had a hot air balloon festival near me!
    Marisa Quinn

  5. These pictures are just gorgeous. I love the hot air balloons in the background. That is also the most perfect summer outfit- gingham is my favorite!

    Mackenzie |

  6. I went to this festival last summer & it was so much fun!

    - Justine Erica |



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