Happy 50th, Dad!

Yesterday, my Dad turned 50! To celebrate my Mom, brother and I met him at his office in Brooklyn and then headed toThe River Cafe, just under the Brooklyn Bridge, for dinner.  The dinner was just amazing.  The views and the food combined make for a great evening.  We even got to see the president drive along the FDR and get into his helicopter from our table.  

Our food was incredible, I opted for the octopus appetizer and lobster entree (makes me excited for our trip to the Vineyard this coming weekend).  Everything we ate was great and it was an incredible way to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive Dad; he really deserved a great dinner.  

I was planning on shooting more of an outfit post while in Brooklyn but I just didn't get around to it.   I'll definitely try and do that later this week though.  But until then, my dress that I'm wearing is from maje! 


  1. Love your pictures and your dress! Looks like so much fun!


  2. These pictures are AMAZING! Happy birthday to your dad!

    Marisa Quinn

  3. Ohh la la! Fancy shmancy! Love this whole evening and your outfit! Happy birthday dad!

  4. You look fabulous!! Happy birthday to your dad! :)

    Ane | Basque Prep


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