July 13, 2015

4 Things You Absolutely Need For Your Dorm Room

It's crazy to think that I'll be starting my sophomore year of college this August.  I'm excited because this is my final year living in the dorm! While it's fun to live so close to everyone because there's always something going on, I am very excited to have a little more space (and a kitchen)! Over the past year, I've realized there's definitely some things that I couldn't live without that may not be on your college packing list!

Desk Hutch
Getting a hutch honestly made my life so much better! I purchased the Java Oak Hutch from The Container Store at the beginning of the second semester last year and it made a huge difference!!! I was able to put things on the shelf and it cleared up a lot of desk space and allowed me to showcase a few decorative things as well! I know some schools come with a hutch like this, but mine didn't.

Plenty of Pillows
I started without with an ordinary amount of pillows in the beginning of the year but over the course of a few months I acquired a few more from Bed Bath and Beyond, Homegoods, etc.  I think by the end of the year I had 9 pillows on my bed! It was a lot, but I think it made my bed a lot more comfortable and inviting.  I could also lay them against the wall to form a sort of couch!

Aerobed Pak Mat
I heard about the Aerobed Pak Mat from pinterest before I left for school and knew I just had to get it.  It's a blow up mattress made for camping so it's incredibly small.  The container it's stored in is the pump and it ends up being a tiny little aerobed.  It's perfect for when my friends have had to stay in my room or if I decide to stay in someone else's room.  I've had a few people even borrow it from me.

Mattress Pad
Oh my goodness, this is 100% the most important thing you need to have.  I purchased a 3 inch mattress pad from Bed Bath and Beyond and it made my bed incredibly comfortable.  I'm not even joking, my bed at school is more comfortable than my bed at home.  It's a little expensive to get the 3 inch but it is so worth it!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I'll be a freshman in the fall and I'm unsure of how many things are actually a necessity for the fall. Looks like I have to stock up on more pillows for sure!



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