June 8, 2015

The Perfect White Dress

I'm in love with this dress from J.Crew factory.  It's the perfect white dress for summer.  I love the dotted fabric and the fluttered sleeves.  It's very flattering and screams summer to me.  I paired it with my Mad Jewels necklace and a pair of Jacks for the perfect summer look.  I can't wait to be wearing this dress on repeat.

My hair looks strangely very blonde in these photos and since I know I will be asked, no I didn't dye it! I have never colored my hair (and never will).  My hair is very sensitive to the sun so it changes with the more time I spend outdoors!


  1. Absolutely love this look Emma!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. Such a cute dress, and a great look!

    Claire Elise

  3. Love that dress! And your Jacks are super cute!

    Hayden // Haute Table



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