May 13, 2015

Pom Poms in the West Village

Dress / Scarf / Shoes / Bag 
Gold Bracelet / White Bracelet (old: c.wonder)

Yesterday my Mom and I went into the city for an early lunch since we had a few hours to spare.  I suggested that we go to Buvette, a french restaurant in the West Village.  I read online that there was usually a long wait so we were prepared for that, but were surprised to get seated right away! I had the most delicious meal of steamed eggs, prosciutto, and parmesan over toast.  I'd highly recommend checking out the small restaurant if you get a chance! 

Since our lunch didn't take long, we walked along the streets of the quaint area and took some pictures! I'm still unpacking all over my stuff from college so my wardrobe is a little confusing right now.  Everything is either lying on my floor, in a garbage bag in the back of my car, or in a suit case.  It's a little bit of a mess.  Since today was supposed to be hot, I put on one of my go-to dresses from Naked Zebra and threw on this scarf I purchased recently at a boutique in Dallas.  The outfit was comfortable and I didn't need to take my scarf off because it really didn't get that warm.  

I'm in love with the spiked bracelet that I'm wearing that just came in the mail from Benevolent Jewels! I've been lusting over this one forever and I am so happy I finally have it.  It's definitely funkier than my other pieces of jewelry, but I think that's why I've loved wearing it.  You can get 20% off anything at Benevolent Jewels with the code "ECODE20" so I'd suggest checking out their cute pieces of jewelry! 


  1. Love that scarf! I can't wait to get home from school (although it will be weird this year...since I won't be going back in the fall!) and getting back into the city (hopefully permanently!)

  2. I love this outfit, Emma! That pom pom scarf is precious!

  3. Interesting scarf. I lie the color!

  4. Amazing look! Your scarf is such a fun pop of color and perfect for spring!!

    XO Courtney



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