May 11, 2015

Instagram Lately

I'm home!! Yesterday, I had a full day of traveling, which started at 7am.  I woke up to a alert that my flight would be delayed an hour, but still headed to the airport.  Upon arrival, I found out that my flight was delayed another two hours! The joys of being at the airport (with little sleep from the night before) and have your flight be delayed.  I ended up getting home about four hours later than I thought I would, but I still got to enjoy mother's day with my mom!

Today's post is an instagram roundup because I haven't done one in a while.  I'm so excited for my instagram in the next few months so make sure you're following along because I'll be posting lots of pics during my time in europe!

My last meal in Dallas, at Mi Cocina! 

A finals study break at Sprinkles.  Honestly, their Red Velvet ice cream is my FAVORITE! There's small chunks of their cupcakes in it and it's heavenly.  

Feels like just a few days ago I was home for Easter and snapped this photo! I can't wait to get back into the city! 

I'm still so in love with this Mink Pink yellow dress! If you've missed the full outfit post you can find it here!

The Nordstrom near me had the cutest Nike pop up shop with these "Can't Stop Won't Stop" cards and gorgeous floral wallpaper.  

Ever since I got my Madewell transport tote I've been using it non stop! It's surprisingly a big bag.  I underestimated how much could fit inside of it and I'm really impressed by how sturdy it is! 

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