April 18, 2015

Tips for Shopping Lilly x Target

Less than six hours until midnight and (hopefully) not long after that items will be available online! I originally wasn't going to do a post like this because I figured most of ya'll would see a guide to shopping the collaboration somewhere else, but I have some other tips that I haven't seen on other posts that I wanted to share with you! Also, I'm sure there's some of ya'll that haven't done that much research for your pre-shopping strategies!

What we know:

Items should be available online between 12am-2am CST.  While target hasn't officially made a statement saying when items would be released online, it's rumored that things will go on sale sometime in this time window.  I've also heard that they will be releasing things gradually and not all at once.  Apparently this would be to keep the site from crashing but I'm not sure how much this would help because people would still be refreshing the website every 10 seconds (at least I will!).

Merchandise in-store will be available in their respective sections. One of my big questions was whether everything with the "Lilly x Target" label would be in one area or if things would be disbursed around the store.  The answer: things will be in their respective department.  Meaning, clothing will be in the clothing section, home in the seasonal homeware department, beauty in the beauty department etc.

Every store will be getting Lilly x Target merchandise.  While I don't know exactly how much each store will be getting, each store will be getting something! I would assume Super Target stores would be getting more than regular Target stores but who knows!

Merchandise should be replenished.  I've heard that there are a few shipments that will be coming to Target stores within the next few weeks so definitely check back if you missed out on something you really wanted! Also, on Lilly x Target products there is a 14 day return policy so things could be coming back in through returns!

Some of my tips:

Set up a game plan.  What time are you going to leave? Which Target will you be going to? How much are you planning on spending? (the real question!).  What items do you really want? (are these items online only? You can see on the look book if they will be available in stores!)

"Like" items from the look book.  The look book gives you the option to like items.  I'm not exactly sure what impact this has once you're able to start purchasing things but it can't hurt.  Hopefully you'll be able to purchase things straight from there to make it easier!

Make an account on Target.com and input credit card info and addresses! Having all this info saved at the beginning will make it so much easier (and faster) to shop on the website and ensure that you get the items in your cart!

If you're up for it, check out the stores late tonight.  I was checking out a Target today and was wondering if they started putting out some merchandise really late tonight.  One of my tumblr followers (madrasgypsy) said she's seen this happen before.  If you're up at around 11:30 tonight and feel like heading to target it could be worth a shot!

Shop online first.  My biggest recommendation would be to check out online before heading to the store.  I'm planning on shopping online to get the things that I really want and then I'm going to head to the stores. I'm not exactly sure how smoothly the site will run or how lucky I'll get online, but it would be way nicer to shop from the comfort of my own bed if I can!

Be patient and considerate.  There's absolutely no need to be rude, obnoxious, or inconsiderate to those shopping around you.  Don't shop out of another person's cart, keep things organized and be patient!

Some people got to attend the pop up shop in NYC this past week and have already posted their hauls! It's definitely worth a look because it shows what some time look like in person rather than in the lookbook!

If you have any tips for shopping Lilly x Target leave them below! Good luck shopping!

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