April 24, 2015

Friday Finds

Studio DIY Donut Pumpkins
I was browsing through pinterest this week and came across a DIY from Studio Diy's website.  This was the first time I've seen their DIYs and I'm obsessed!! These pumpkins are to die for.  I can't wait for the fall to roll around again and I can make these!! They have so many fun and happy DIYs that are perfect for any day or parties!

Blindfolded Children Find Their Mothers

Pandora released this video and I just found it so heartwarming.  Thinking about it, I would 100% be able to figure out which mother was mine but seeing these little kids do it was incredible.  Everyone's mother is unique and we each know our own so well that it is actually easy to pick them out from a lineup.  Great reminder that mother's day is coming up May 10th!


I purchased a set of watercolors at Michael's on a whim and I've been actually loving them! They're so fun to use and I love getting in touch with my creative side! I've been trying out calligraphy and little paintings of donuts, states, etc.  I'd highly recommend buying a set of watercolors because it's so relaxing! 


  1. Those donut pumpkins are WAY too cute! Also love your watercolor print. I bought a bunch of bright paint colors, cardstock, and envelopes over the summer to design my own stationery when I send snail mail to other bloggers. Very relaxing and fun!


  2. Oh my goodness what a pretty water coloring you did! I wish I could paint. Unfortunately my art skills are equivalent to those of a 4 year old, maybe 5 but barely! Haha



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