March 18, 2015

Outfit: Fresh Kicks + Stripes

This outfit is one of my new favorites.  I purchased this dress from nordstrom on a whim because it looked cute and easy to wear, and I had no idea how much I would love it.  It's made of a thick fabric so it's really flattering, but not too thick that it is hard to wear in warmer weather.  I threw on a new pair of converse to give this a sporty and comfortable look.

I am definitely planning on wearing this during finals because it is just so comfortable.  I'm one of those people that hate dressing in a t-shirt and leggings to class.  I love dressing up and putting outfits together, even during finals.  Dressing up makes me feel more awake and ready to focus on a big exam.  

This Tory Burch York tote is my favorite for carrying books around campus because it is so well designed for that purpose! There's a pocket that runs along the inside that perfectly fits my laptop (and it zips so I don't have to worry about it if it's raining).  I can fit all my books and notebooks perfectly.  

Can we just take a second to note that is my second outfit post in the past two days? Hopefully I'll have a lot more outfit posts coming because I just purchased a tripod and clicker so that I would be able to take photos by myself.  It's such a pain to ask someone to take them for me, and I figured this way I would be able to take them on my own time! Fun fact: while I was taking these photos there was a swan lurking over towards me.  Considering I hate birds I considered running back to my car a few times.  

Do ya'll have any go-to comfy yet cute outfits that you gravitate towards for tests or finals?


  1. ahh this bag <3 the dress looks awesome + comfy


  2. Love the stripes and necklace! Such a cute and cozy outfit!


  3. Love this look -- so casual yet fun!!

    Lots of love,

  4. Love this look! You are a style inspiration! P.S... I hate birds too so I totally feel ya on wanting to run!



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