March 6, 2015

Friday Finds

SPRING BREAK IS HEREEEEE!!!! I finish my last midterm today and now I'm free!! I can't wait to head down to florida with my room mate on Sunday!

House of Cards

Oh. My. God.  This show is incredible!! A promo for the latest season came up as an ad on something I was watching a few days ago that was just a shot of a woman's feet and then the logo and I seriously thought it was about a vampire white house! After that everyone was talking about the latest season being released and since I just finished Friends (very sad) I needed a new show to watch and thought I'd see what all the hype is about.  and... it's amazing!!! I'm obsessed and I'd highly recommend watching it!

J.Crew Spring 
Kate the Wasp

So... my favorite Kate the Wasp got a snap chat this week and I've been loving it.  She's so hilarious and I nearly die laughing every time her tweets show up on my dash board so I'm so happy to get her snap stories now too!

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