February 6, 2015

Friday Finds

Yay for the weekend!!!! Friday Finds get me so excited because the stressful week has come to an end, and it's time for the weekend!

I got a bkr water bottle for my birthday last week and have been taking it everywhere with me.  It's the perfect size for on the go because it fits comfortably in my bag with books.  I love that it is a glass bottle but the silicone sleeve protects it from getting chipped or shattering.  There's also no condensation which is a big plus for me because I had getting the notebooks in my bag wet.

Benevolent Jewels

I'm so excited to announce that I've become a Benevolent Jewels ambassador! I love all of the things that they sell (everything is so fun)! And now you can get everything for 20% off with the code ECODE20! How awesome!!! 

If you're ever in the Dallas area you must try to find the Easy Slider food truck!!! Honestly, their sliders are the best I've ever had.  My go-to is The French Revolution style that is comprised of an angus beef patty, prosciutto, gruyere cheese, grilled onions, and a little bit of dijon mustard- seriously one of the best meals.  If I could be on that show on The Cooking Channel (or maybe it's food network) "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" this would be it!! There schedule is up on their website and it's definitely worth checking out! 

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