February 25, 2015

Deciding on a Major

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to study business.  It's just what I always expected to do.  I'd hear stories of people changing their major five times before graduating and I always thought "hey that won't be me because I want to study business".  Well, I don't want to study business anymore.  Last semester I took mostly business prerequisite courses (in addition to the courses required by my school).  I was only thinking business because that's all I really knew.  I didn't know what other majors were out there, until this semester.

Since coming to my school, I knew I would be interested in the Fashion Media program.  I thought maybe I would pick it up as a minor, or a double major with business.  I am currently taking the first course in the program: Fashion, Media, and Culture.  I absolutely love this class.  So far we've been learning about the history of fashion and are now up to the 1940s.  It made me realize how much I hate learning about economics in my prerequisite course.

This got me thinking of what else was out there.  I started doing more research and I realized that the Fashion Media major was everything I was looking for.  Taking classes in Journalism, Photography and Visual Culture seemed so much more interesting than Economics, Statistics, and Accounting.  I realized that if I didn't feel excited to go to class now, would I ever be excited in a job in that field later on?

Since then, I've looked into majors in Journalism, Graphic Design, and Advertising, and I can't wait to see where my research and coursework takes me.  It's so awakening to realize that I don't have to major in Business just because that's what I thought I would want to major in.  There's so much out there that I haven't even discovered yet and this is just the start.  I can't wait to find something I love and be proud to call it my major.

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  1. I actually had a similar situation. I wanted to do business at first but then realized it wasn't for me. I then decided to major in Public Relations and minor in Business Administration instead. I'm not sure if minoring in business is available at your school or not, but it was cool and beneficial for me to get both the "fun" side of things and then the business/practical side of things as well. Now I'm in the working world and am seeing the benefits of learning both sides. :)

    But anyway, fashion media sounds so interesting. I wish they would have offered something like that at my college.




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