January 19, 2015

Gold and Pink Wall

If it isn't already obvious, I love the wall next to my bed.  It took me a little while to get it the way it is, but I'm really happy with what it's evolved into.  When I moved in I had square photos arranged into one big rectangle, but this is so much more creative.  I get a lot of questions about where some of the things on my wall come from so I thought it was worth making a post on here! 

gold prints / garland / chevron tape / gold tape / blue tape (anthropologie)

The gold chevron and gold foil tapes are the latest addition after I stumbled upon them in paper source.  I love that the gold foil in the tape matches the foil in the garland.  I've also begun to pin up full sized pictures and "polaroids" that I've printed out using my favorite instax printer!

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