January 7, 2015

Beach Outfit

I purchased this Sail to Sable dress on a whim last summer while I was down the shore but I really have gotten a ton of use out of it! I love dresses in general because they're so easy to just throw on and you'll always look put together. This STS dress is so clean, preppy, and summery, which makes it perfect for a night at the beach! 

I'm pretty impressed that these pictures came out the way they did. What you don't see: the crowd of people still sitting on the beach enjoying the last of the sun.  The sun sets much later in Florida (5:45) than it did last time I was there in March (7:30) so people are still on the beach! It was tough to get some pictures without other guests in the background!

1 comment:

  1. You're gorgeous Emma and I love that dress! This post makes me wish I was on the beach right now:)



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