January 1, 2015

14 Photos For 2014

I always get so nostalgic on New Year's eve.  Life goes on so quickly that it's easy to forget what has happened in the past year.  New Year's allows us to reflect and be thankful for everything that has happened around us. And let me say, a lot has happened in this past year.

The biggest thing that happened this year was probably my high school graduation.  I remember last New Year's thinking that it's crazy that it was finally 2014 and that would be the year I would graduate high school.  I remember the night of graduation being so sad thinking about all my friends and I heading our separate ways because I was afraid of what was to come.  I think that was the only natural feeling, but I think we all ended up in the right places. 

I think one of the biggest changes in 2014 for me was the move half way across the country for college.  I surprised myself in how ready I was for this.  I've never really had any homesick moments at school and I'm so thankful I ended up at a school that is so perfect for me.  

 One of the most amazing experiences I had this year was my trip to Iceland with school.  I never would have imagined seeing the country before, but I am so happy I had the opportunity to go.  It was one of the coolest places I think I will ever see in my life.  Not many people can say they've visited the land of fire and ice.  It was so amazing to take in the views, learn about the culture, and bond with my friends and classmates.

On a lobster boat restaurant in nyc (highlight of my summer)

spring time in the city

Canvases I made for my graduation brunch.  This was the year my craftiness came out full force.  

On a trip to Naples, FL in March

Plenty of brunches were had in 2014, and hopefully they're plenty more to come in 2015.

Thankful for my friends who made 2014 shine. 

Another shot from Iceland; The Blue Lagoon. 

Martha's Vineyard was a blast this summer.  

This picture makes me so happy. Taken in a confetti bounce house as a promotion for dasani drops at my school!

With my brother just a few days ago in Naples, FL. So thankful for my family for being there always through 2014. 

My favorite thing, Riley. Always brightening my day. 
So excited to see what 2015 has in store.

I hope you all had an amazing 2014, and will have an even better 2015.  What were your favorite moments of this past year?

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