December 17, 2014

I Woke Up Like This

(Except, I didn't wake up like this lol I'm not Beyoncé)

I'm obsessed with pajama sets, even if it makes me feel like an old lady.  They're just so adorable and comfortable! My mom actually gave me this set from J.Crew the other night so of course I wore it right away! (I've also been living in my Vineyard Vines fleece pants!) I'm also soooo excited to be able to sleep in my bed at home again!! While my bed at school is actually pretty comfortable (thank you mattress topper!!), I love that my bed at home is much bigger.  

Did you know that January 3rd is the Festival of Sleep? After the Holiday craziness is over, I think everyone deserves a day to do nothing, lie in bed, and sleep.  I'll probably doing just that on January 3rd considering I now have the excuse to do so!

How do you take part in the Holiday, you ask? Well.. thankfully wikihow has you covered!In honor of the event, Casper, a new sleep startup, has reached out to me to be part of their Beauty Sleep Style Challenge.  Casper sells amazing mattresses that ensure better sleep for brighter days.  I love this video of a customer taking the mattress out of the box (can you believe the mattress fits in that box?) It's incredible! Check out their pinterest board to see what others wear for their pajamas! 

What do ya'll wear to bed?

also, p.s. Dash of Serendipity is now on twitter!!! Check it out! @dashserendipity

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