November 4, 2014

How Going to College Has Influenced My Style

Your environment shapes who you are, and that's to be expected, but I never realized that going to college would alter my style.  After being here for about three months, I've realized I'm gravitating towards pieces of clothing and accessories I wouldn't have a few months earlier.  I really believe different types of people I see and weather have really opened up new doors for me, style wise.

Everyday is Casual
In high school I would dress up almost ever single day, and I've realized dressing up here is way different then dressing up in high school.  A large majority of students reach for the work out clothes or oversized t-shirt and nike shorts in the morning, and while I haven't fallen to that end of the spectrum yet, I have found myself going for my casual outfits.  I don't reach for a blazer in the morning, as I might've in high school, and instead I throw on a casual dress.  

A New Scene to Dress For
The outfits I wear on the weekends now, I would've never had the opportunity to wear in high school. I never went out to the type of places I go to now, but most high schoolers don't.  Dressing for this whole new "scene" totally caught me off guard.  On typical nights out I'll wear a pair of wedges, jeans, and a fun tank top, but when I came to school I only had about 5-7 tank tops (I wasn't much of a tank top person), and I've noticed more have made their way into closet.  

Dressing Darker
Anyone who knows me (or looks at my OOTDs) would not describe my wardrobe as dark.  Up until last week I only had one black dress, and two navy tops in my closet at school.  Everything else ranges from bright pink to light blue.  While I love wearing those colors, I've realized how sleek a black top, dark jeans and heels can look for going out.  While shopping I've gravitated towards darker colors that I probably wouldn't have even looked at a few months back.  

How has your style evolved recently?

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