November 14, 2014

Friday Finds

BuzzFeed Video
This isn't exactly a recent find, but it's worthy of being shared.  If you're not subscribed to the BuzzFeed video channel, you're missing out.  I could get lost for hours on their channel (actually multiple channels).  My favorites are the "Americans try..." or "(insert other country) tries American snacks".  They're just too interesting, and hilarious to watch.

La Croix
Two weeks ago I dragged my parents along with me to the grocery store since they were here for family weekend.  Since I'm car-less I usually uber to and from the grocery store which can get a little tedious, especially if I'm buying any sort of drink (water bottles will be the death of me).  While strolling through the store I saw a section with a few boxes of La Croix cans.   I actually had never seen or heard of La Croix before moving down to Texas.  It's another type of sparkling water that comes in a variety of flavors, and since I had my parent's rental car and a few extra arms to help carry, I decided I would try it out.  I'm so happy I did because I am in love.  Click here to see where you can buy La Croix near you!

Lululemon "Seek The Heat" Tank
I feel like displaying your bra as part of your outfit is really on trend right now.  Whether its letting the strap of a free people halter lace bralette, or the lf cross-front bras that everyone is wearing now.  I stumbled across this ensemble from Lululemon a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it.  The top is so comfortable and perfect for a good work out, or just lounging around.  I love the deep cut in the back because the bra that comes with it is very cute.  But, the biggest reason I love this item is that the bra is detachable.  So, you can wear the two together, or style them on their own with other pieces that you already have.  I love that aspect of it and it makes this purchase so worth it.

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