August 10, 2014

Invade my iPhone

A few weeks ago I received a question on tumblr asking how I organize my phone and what apps I use so I figured I would make a post about the organization of my iPhone rather than posting right to tumblr.

Page 1: Starting at top (l to r), Mail, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Weather (iPhone weather app and The Weather Channel), App Store, Maps, Youtube, Notes, Photography (see below), Snapchat, iTunes store, FaceTime, Contacts, "Stuff" (everything iPhone makes you have and you can't delete but you never use), settings, tumblr, Facebook, twitter, and instagram!

Photography: This is definitely my most used area of the phone! I'm a sucker for all things photography so I love all my editing apps! Starting at the top (l to r), Afterlight, Pic Stitch, 8mm, Picfx, Phoster, Facetune, Retrica, Papelook, and Cuptakes!

Second Page: Guitar Tuna, Travel (nj transit apps!), Newsstand, Pinterest, Starbucks, TurboScan, Rue La La, Go Pro, USAA, VSCO Cam, ISnapxRemote, Kardashian (lol), Messenger, and Spotify!

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