August 14, 2014

Dorm DIY #2: Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Ever since I started shopping for my dorm I knew I would want a bulletin board to hang over my desk. A bulletin board is such an easy way to stay organized and to store cute keep sakes and memories.   I always hang up concert tickets or photo booth strips on my bulletin board af home and love looking at them and thinking back on the memories. 

I ordered Lilly Pulitzer fabric in the pattern She She Shells to have pillows made when I realized I could use the same fabric to make a bulletin board, and since I had so much fun crafting while making my letters, I jumped at the opportunity to do something else! 

What you'll need: 
*canvas (mine came from michaels and was about 12''x18'') 
*fabric (mine came from ThePinkPalmettoShop! Make sure the dimensions are about 2 inches bigger than your canvas)
*cork squares 
*heavy duty stapler 
*flat push pins 
*hot glue gun 

1. Start off by taking your cork squares and cover the entire front of the canvas. You may have to do some cutting so that the squares fit perfectly over the front, then glue them using a hot glue gun. 
2. Next, place your batting down on a flat surface and then put your canvas face down on top. Cut around the canvas leaving about 2 inches on each side so you'll have room to staple the batting to the back. Once you're done cutting start stapling the batting to the back of the canvas. 
3. Now repeat the previous step but with you're fabric. 
4. Once your fabric is secure you're ready for the ribbon. It took me awhile to figure out the right configuration but once I figured out how to place the ribbon properly it was really easy. Start by running one ribbon from one corner to the other (in a diagonal) then staple the ends to the back to secure them. Next, repeat with the other two corners ( you'll now have an X).   Now measure out the center of the top side and staple one end of a ribbon there. Run that ribbon to the center of the left side.  You're going to now run a ribbon from that place to the center of the bottom, another from the center of the bottom to the center of the left and finally from the center left back go the center top. At this point you'll have a perfect lattice pattern with your ribbon (hopefully this even made sense!) 
5. Next place a push pin in wherever two ribbons cross. This'll be where you'll glue your buttons but I like to put a push pin down so that the button can hold something you place under a ribbon. Next simply glue all your buttons down on too of the push pins. 

And voila! You have a cute fabric bulletin board! Enjoy!

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