June 10, 2014

Graduation Festivities

It's hard to believe that my time in high school came and went so quickly.  I remember so clearly starting at my school freshman year only knowing three people.  It's really frightening to look back on how quickly high school flew by.  I just can't help but hope college won't go by as quickly.

After it poured at prom this year I think everyone was praying we'd have better luck with the weather for graduation, and I don't think the weather could've been prettier.  The day was just perfect.

On the Thursday following graduation I had about 16 girls over for a celebratory brunch.  I had my eye on the forecast the entire week before and was extremely nervous considering there was supposed to be a 100% chance of rain.  Everything was supposed to be outside and with the disastrous prom weather I did not want to move everything inside! Luckily it only drizzled that morning and the skies cleared up by the time everyone arrived! I was so delighted that we had our barn so we could put the table inside! Our original plan was to have it outside with the drinks and food but it was so adorable inside the barn so I was happy that the threat of rain made us move it inside!

I had so much fun putting all of the decorations together.  From the "Congrats" banner to the life-size polaroid I think it's safe to say I got a little crafty.  I put together little jars of m&ms and stuck the logo of everyone's college on the inside to have at their seat. How adorable are those shift cookies? I'm obsessed.  They're too pretty to eat.


  1. Your graduation party looks so cute! I love the pink and green theme and the giant polaroid - such a fun idea!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  2. I love your Lilly dress! And the party decorations were gorgeous!



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