June 22, 2014

A Taste of New England // North River Lobster Co

This afternoon I convinced my mom and brother to take spontaneous trip into the city to go to Northern River Lobster Co (aka the Lobster Boat) for dinner. We only just made the boat we planned on going on by a few minutes and I'm so happy we did.  We weren't able to grab a table on the top deck so we sat inside and enjoyed the views while we ate snuck back out for photos. 

The concept is so cool. Admission to get on the boat is absolutely free; you just pay for the food!  On the first floor there's a bar area with tvs (a lot of people were watching the Portugal USA game!). You order your food at the bar and are given a number on a stand to take with you to wherever you decide to sit.  On the second floor there's a raw bar and more seating. The top deck houses another bar and open air seating. My mom and I both ordered lobster which was phenomenal. I started with the clam chowder which was impeccable. I haven't had clam chowder that good in a very long time. 

In what seemed like the shortest 45 minutes we were back at the dock. We decided to stay on the boat for another ride and this time snagged a table up top. The views were amazing and we got to see the sunset in the most beautiful way. We decided to order the peak and eat shrimp since we were still a little hungry and we were on the boat for another trip. It was excellent. The boat ride was really calming and the atmosphere on board was really cool. 

As we left the boat I convinced my family to check out Puddin' in alphabet city. I was watching Unique Eats on the cooking channel the night before and apparently Puddin' was supposed to be an incredible spot to grab some pudding.. And it was. So so so good! Who knew I could like pudding that much? 

Xx, E

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