April 19, 2014

Good {Friday} Brunch

Yesterday, a few of my friends took the train into the city to grab brunch and do a little bit of shopping. I had been dying to go to Lafayette for about 6 months now so I convinced my friends to go with me! Unfortunately, thinking it was Saturday, I was prepared for brunch and breakfast food, but being Friday, they weren't serving breakfast at 12. But, our food was incredible nonetheless! I am so thrilled that the meal was so delicious- and the service was amazing too!

Afterwards, we headed closer into soho and hit a few shops along the way. We went into Nesessary Clothing which I actually hadn't been in before and I really loved it! They sold a lot of the clothing that a lot of my favorite boutiques sell and for a nice price too! I ended up buying three things that were all the same shade of pink... Guess it was a pink day! 

Next we headed to urban outfitters, topshop, Steve Madden, dash, and C. Wonder! We even popped into Warbu Parker which was a great experience! I love the store-  so many different pairs to choose from! Makes me want glasses that much more!

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and happy Easter if you celebrate! 


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