January 21, 2014

Snow day

via I'm obsessed with this boot/sock pairing! 

via this is too cute  
This morning I woke up and knew that it had to be later than 6:40, so my initial reaction was to freak out.  I grabbed my phone to check the time only to see a text from my friends saying there was no school today and my heart rate returned to normal.  Phew.

Snow days are my favorite.  I love when the snow is fresh and everything is just so white.  The next couple days where the snow is just there, and dirty, are my least favorite.

I'm honestly a little tempted to knock on my 8 year old neighbors door and ask if she wants to build a snowman with me because I love snow days so much.

If you live in the north east, how are you spending this snowy day?

If it's not snowing near you, then have a marvelous tuesday!

xx, E

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  1. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here: http://preppy-brit-becky.blogspot.com/2014/02/liebster-award.html




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