November 9, 2013

"So in love" with Stub Hub

I purchased tickets to see Ed Sheeran at Madison Square Garden for the 29th of October through ticket master towards the end of the summer.  Four of my friends and I took the train into Penn to see the concert and had the greatest time.  I had seen him preform the prior winter at Radio City, but seeing him at MSG was absolutely incredible.  His ability to take control of the audience and make a room full of 18,000 people completely silent is incredible.  We had to leave the concert about half an hour early to make our train to go home which led us to miss the entire encore, where he plays my favorite three songs! 

I guess you could say I was suffering from that "post-concert depression" that everyone seems to talk about, because two days later I found myself browsing on stub hub to see how much tickets for the next concert were going for.  I almost bought some until my friends told me I was crazy and talked my out of it.  But later that night, after submitting my first college app, I saw that tickets at the back of the floor were only $50!!!! I couldn't pass up on that deal so I bought the tickets with some of the money i've made on eBay.   I know, I'm crazy.  Since I bought the tickets the day before the concert StubHub wouldn't be able to ship the tickets to me and i'd have to pick them up at the last minute ticket service location, which was located about a mile from MSG.

Another friend and I took the train again and found the location with absolutely no problems.  Located just a few blocks before Times Square, the location was super easy to get to and the pick up when by very smoothly! My friend and I had a blast seeing the concert (even for the second time) and our seats were amazing, I could not believe that they were only $50!

So, after seeing Ed twice, my parents were very intrigued to see what this guy was all about.  My dad is a huge music buff (he dabbles in Ukulele, haha) so when he heard that Ed uses a loop pedal he was very amazed.  So, on another impulse (probably still suffering from post-concert depression at this point) I asked my dad if he would like to see the concert with me the next thursday if I could find affordable tickets again.  He said yes, and I monitored StubHub for the next few days.  Tickets ranged from $300-$500 when I first looked, so I thought there was no way I would go again because that wouldn't be worth it after I had already seen it twice.  But, the day of the concert the prices dropped a WHOLE lot, and I ended up finding tickets for the second section of the floor at a decent price.  My dad and I picked the tickets up at the same last minute service without any problem again and we really enjoyed the show.  My dad is now a huge Ed Sheeran fan! (probably the oldest Ed fan out there...)

So,  the purpose of this whole story was to share my amazing experience(s) with StubHub!!!! I am so obsessed! I definitely think i'll be ordering more tickets off of StubHub in the future, maybe last minute even because it's pretty fun.  If you've ever been skeptical about the company, don't be!! They are so lovely and reliable and I really appreciate the service!!

I highly recommend that when Ed comes 'round on tour again (sometime next year, I hope) you get ticket(s), and maybe use StubHub! I also recommend that you give yourself a reward from time to time, whether it is tickets to a concert, a shopping trip, a cookie, or a trip to the nail salon, because it is so nice to do that sometimes! I think i've forgotten how important it is to reward myself from time to time!

Don't forget to check out Ed's new songs that he played that'll be on his next album! I'm obsessed with tenerife sea (hence "so in love" with stub hub), and New York is absolutely beautiful!

Ed; Night 1
Cricket and I
Kensey and I

Ed; Night 3

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  1. I love StubHub too!!! I got the BEST deal for boston calling last year. Another thing that's fantastic is that one time I bought a ticket that a seller mislabeled and StubHub was totally chill and understanding and corrected the issue immediately!



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