August 5, 2013

Back to School: Outfit Ideas!

Hi everyone! Sorry that it's been awhile since i've posted on here, summer has kept me quite busy! I recently got a question on my tumblr to post ideas for the first week back to school. I thought it was a great idea, so I have come up with six outfits that I like and that i'll probably be wearing for the first couple days of school! I tried to pick out outfits that i've recently purchased so that the pieces would still be available.

Before I get started, each of these outfits fit into the dress code for my school. So, that means no jeans, no leggings, no skirts shorter than 5'' above the knee, and no showing your shoulders! Just thought i'd let you all know that before we begin! :)

Outfit #1
Shirt / Skirt / Cardigan (similar)
I really love this outfit.  I think it would be a great outfit for the first day because it's actually pretty comfortable but still looks cute! I would probably add a longer necklace to this outfit if I were to wear it for school that had a little bit of color.  Any color cardigan would look really nice with this outfit too; Orange, Yellow, Pink, etc. 

Outfit #2 
Shirt (only available in store)  / Skirt (similar)
If I wore this outfit to school, I'd need to wear a cardigan or something but I couldn't find one that looked just right.  The shirt isn't available on line but i'm pretty sure you could find it in the store, the skirt too maybe.  There's other patterns of this skirt available online but not this exact one!

Outfit #3
Shirt (different pattern) / Skirt (different colors)
I like wearing a button down to school because I don't have to wear a cardigan, so it's a little bit lighter! I just bought this shirt last week, but I can't find it online! If you have a C.Wonder near you, try checking there to see if they have it! If you're looking for Gingham button down, J.Crew Factory almost always has them! 

Outfit #4
Dress (similar, ish)
I love wearing dresses because they're so easy.  This exact dress is from J.Crew a couple months ago.  I couldn't find another that looked exactly like it, but the one I found looks pretty similar, minus the white trim.   

Outfit #5
I purchased both the sweater and the shirt from the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse sale, so i'm not exactly sure where you might be able to find them.  I love this outfit for a day where it's not too hot.  

Outfit #6
I think this outfit may be my favorite just because it's so simple and so comfortable! 

I hope this has helped all ya'll get inspiration for back to school outfits! Can't believe that we're even thinking about back to school already! 


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