June 29, 2013

Save or Splurge?

I've been in the market for a new weekender/overnight bag for sometime now,  and saw the J.McLaughlin Sail Cloth Duffle (left) and fell in love.   I thought it was absolutely perfect for short trips or even to bring as a carry-on while traveling on a plane! I was set on ordering this bag until I saw the price... this bag ranges from $245-$300 (depending on size and if a monogram is ordered).  I just couldn't justify spending that much.  

A couple weeks later I noticed that Marley Lilly was having a Flash Sale and decided to browse.  Amongst the wonderful items in the sale was their Sunshine Duffle bag! Which looks very similar to the J.McLaughlin bag!!! The Marley Lilly bag only cost me $69.99 as it was part of the Flash Sale, but it normally retails for $94.99.  I still think that $94.99 is a great deal for this bag! It would definitely fit a lot and I can see myself getting great use out of it! 

Marley Lilly offers the monogram in many different colors and styles, so you can really personalize it however you'd like! 

The only regret I have about my bag is that the Navy monogram doesn't match the navy on the bag! It's just a small detail but it would have been nice to have the two blues completely match.  If I were to order this again I may have ordered the monogram in the colors "Coral", "Burnt Orange",  or "Yellow".  I also may have gotten the monogram in a different style such as "Circle Block"or "Diamond".  

All of my nit picking aside, I am in love with this bag and am so happy that I made the purchase from Marley Lilly!! You're all in luck because there is another flash sale tonight starting at 8PM! So set an alarm or something and check if this bag will be on sale! (I can't guarantee that it will but I have a feeling it might be!)

Can't wait to use this bag on my trip to Hershey Park next weekend! 


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