August 31, 2015

Sophomore Dorm Closet Tour

It's been about a week since I've moved in and while everything is no where near perfect, I'm itching to show you what my dorm looks like this year.  I live in the same dorm, but a different room, and the space is really so different! Since not everything is put together yet, I decided to share how I organized my closet this year today!

Here's a link to my Freshman year dorm room tour video! I'll definitely be filming another one once everything comes together, but for now here's my closet!

August 26, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Scarf for Fall

It's just about time to break out the sweaters and riding boots, but before that colder whether hits, I like to mix in some of my favorite summer pieces into fall appropriate looks.  The Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarves are my all time favorite to wear almost year round.  (!!!stay tuned for an exciting giveaway involving one!!) Of course the prints look great in the summer when I'm gravitating towards brighter colors, but since it is a scarf, it provides some warmth as it gets colder.   This outfit would be perfect for a night in early September.  It's still warm, but at night it can get pretty cold where a jacket and scarf would come in handy.

August 25, 2015

August Playlist

We're right at the end of August, so before it ends I decided to make a playlist! I've been into so many great, pump up songs to listen to and I think ya'll will enjoy them!

August 24, 2015

Back to School

So today's post is a little late (if you even want to call this an official post...), but I wanted to just apologize in advance because this week in blog post may be a little unorganized! With some poor planning on my part, and the craziness of back to school.  Two days were spent moving in this past weekend and I'm still adjusting to my new schedule.

Here's a tiny sneak peak of what my room looks like, but I'm sure ya'll will see much more of it when everything comes together!

August 21, 2015

Friday Finds

Right now, I am on a plane headed back to Dallas!!! This summer has been nothing short of amazing and I'm so thankful for all the amazing experiences I had.  But, I am so excited to start my sophomore year (can't believe I'm already a sophomore).

Here's some things on my Friday Finds this week!

I love this post on things from Home Goods being styled by real people! I love Home Goods and it's so inspiring seeing people find some amazing things there.

Last week I had a minor tech issue with my blog that was a little above my head, but Stephanie was able to help me clear it up so easily!!! I had to give her services a shout out because she is amazing with all html problems and designs.  Make sure to reach out to her if you need any help!

How perfect is this dorm room? I can't wait to set up my own this weekend.

August 20, 2015

Cricket Sweater + Collab with The Black Barcode!

Today Maddy (The Black Barcode) and I are styling cricket sweaters on both of our blogs.  These sweaters have become so popular, but they can be difficult to style.  I always love wearing sweaters with a button down underneath because it makes the outfit a little unique.  I thought the navy and white gingham looked great with this sweater.  

Since every outfit could use a pop of color, I'm wearing my J.Crew espadrilles that are so bright.  They're also really comfortable and great for days wear you'll be on your feet a lot.  

Be sure to check out Maddy's outfit over on here blog here

August 19, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Ruffle Top

top / jeans / shoes 

Lilly Pulitzer is nailing blue tones right now.  Most of their new arrivals have some shade of blue in the pattern, which is perfect to transition into fall! I saw this top at the store the other day and just fell in love! The pattern is adorable (and so versatile) and I love the little ruffle at the bottom.

I paired this with white jeans and jacks (when I'm I not wearing white jeans and jacks?), but this could easily be worn with regular jeans and a navy sweater as the year moves on and it starts to get colder.

August 17, 2015

Summer Instagram Roundup

As this Summer comes to a close, I've started to reflect on all that's happened since school let out in May.  It's crazy that I've been in four countries and many cities in the past three months.  This summer is up there as one of the best in my entire life.  I've learned so much in my classes abroad and traveling in general.  

To look back on this Summer's memories, here's an Instagram round up (I'm @dashofserendipity on Instagram!).  

My sonix phone case that I've become known for! Beach, please has been my motto of the summer! 

At Saint Mark's square in Venice!

The beautiful beach clubs along the shore in Nice are just too adorable! I'm dreaming of going back to these striped umbrellas!

I'll miss hydrangea season and nights in town in Martha's Vineyard. 

Packing up my favorite Roberta Roller Rabbit cover up for the season!

If you're headed to Martha's Vineyard during the last few weeks of the Summer (or even over the winter), head to Aquinah Cliffs! 

Have you seen Saturday's collab with Claire (Precious as a Peony?)

August 15, 2015

Back to School Lilly Pulitzer Skort + Collab!

Top / Skort (similar / similar / similar) / Shoes 

Surprise Saturday post!! Today I'm sharing one of my favorite back to school outfits, and it's also a collab with Claire (Precious as a Peony).  I'm a big fan of Claire's blog and I think you will all be as well.  She has a great style and is just the sweetest person!

The Lilly Pulitzer Skort is perfect for school because it's so comfortable and you don't have to worry about it flying up.  It's reminiscent of Summer but paired with the navy top it's appropriate for fall.  If I were still in high school I would've worn a cardigan with this as well to keep up with the dress code.

I also want to thank everyone who follows me on Tumblr because I just hit 25,000 FOLLOWERS!!! I'm so excited and will hopefully be doing something fun to celebrate the milestone! Thank you!

Also, PS look out for the Lilly Pulitzer sale this coming Monday at 8am! You may find some skorts like this one.  While I'm not yet 100% sure that the sale is on Monday, many people have spread the word that it is! If not this coming Monday, definitely soon!

Here's a sneak peak of Claire's outfits (yes, she has three outfits posted!!!) that you can find over on her blog!

August 14, 2015

Friday Finds

Next week at this time, I'll be on a plane back to Dallas! I am so excited and so ready to get back to school.  Though I'm not ready for the gross temps that will greet me as I land at the airport, I am excited to reunite with friends and get started on my classes again. 

Yesterday was one of my last beach days of the summer and I'm already ready to head back next summer.  I'm a huge fan of the beach and am so disappointed about how little time I spent at the shore this year.

On to my Friday Finds...

How cute are these lamps? I want to order them to scatter around my dorm (they'll also be great in an apartment next year).

The cutest little white romper?

This is the cutest thing and I'm seriously thinking of getting one.  How cute!!

August 13, 2015

How to Pack for College

So, this may be coming a little late for some of you, but for others I may be right on time.  I spent most of yesterday gathering everything from my closet that I want to take to school with me.  This year I have a little more experience with what to bring and what not to bring, that I thought it may be helpful to write some of my thoughts down in a nice little How-to guide for ya'll!

Think seasonally. What's the weather going to be like at your school until you come home next? Warm? Cold? Pack accordingly! Since I go to school in Dallas, I won't be wearing anything that has sleeves until at least the beginning of November.  This was difficult for me to grasp while packing last year, but this year I've decided to leave a few of my fall items at home (i.e. vests, coats, boots).

Only take things you really wear. Yesterday I cam across one of my favorite maxi dresses and almost put it in my pile to bring to school, then I realized that this dress had sat in my closet all of last year.  Why bring it again if I didn't wear it once last year?

Pack an overnight bag. If you go to school far away and will be staying in a hotel the night before move in, this may be useful to you.  Don't pack away every single thing you own! Remember to pack an overnight bag worth of clothes for the days leading up to move in!

Limit your shoes. I can say that I 100% brought too many pairs of shoes with me to school last year.  I just didn't need all of the shoes I brought.  Limit yourself to the shoes you really think you'll need (and just a few extra to spare!).

August 12, 2015

Evelyn Henson Favorites

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Evelyn Henson.  Since I've shared that I'm a campus rep, I thought I should share some of my favorite things from her website.  Everything is just so cute it was hard to choose a few things that I love.  I really love her stuff.  I had a few of her prints hanging in my dorm room last year, a notebook on my shelf, and a mug on my dresser! So I've taken my favorites from the prints, journals, and mugs!

Don't forget to use the code eatmorecake10 so you can get 10% off your purchase!!! 

August 11, 2015

Summer Favorites (VIDEO)

I'm doing something really fun today and sharing a video with you about my summer favorites!! As I said in the video, I love watching favorites videos and wanted to share my favorites recently and rather than writing about them for you, I decided I'd talk about them! 

Let me know what you think and enjoy! 

August 10, 2015

Gingham and Hot Air Balloons

This classic gingham j.crew outfit has been on repeat so much lately.  I wore this outfit to the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning two weeks ago.  Apparently, New Jersey hosts the largest hot air balloon festival in the country! One of my top bucket list items is to ride in a hot air balloon, so how could I pass up finally heading to the festival this year? It was such a fun afternoon and I got to ride a tethered hot air balloon, which was a lot cheaper than doing a full ride (just $20 compared to over $200!).  It was so much fun and I can't wait to eventually go for a real ride sometime!

This button down is so easy to throw on with almost anything.  In the dead of summer, white chino shorts are the best option, though I've paired this with white jeans as well at night! I forgot how much I loved button downs until I pulled this one out a few weeks ago.  They're so versatile and insanely comfortable.  Look out for this top in a fun video (yes, video!) on the blog tomorrow!

Also, something really exciting is that Dash of Serendipity is finally on FACEBOOK! Head over to my Facebook page and hit "Like" if you want! You'll be able to see posts directly from there and see exclusive content just on Facebook.

August 7, 2015

Friday Finds

It's Friday again! Here are my Friday Finds for the week!

I'm a campus rep at Evelyn Henson!! I'm so excited to have been selected for such an amazing opportunity! You can use the code "eatmorecake10" for 10% off your purchase through the end of the month!

I'm obsessed with Le Specs! (Pictured above: here's a link to my pair!) They have really cute sunglasses but for a reasonable price!

Did you catch Dash of Serendipity in District Magazine? If not here's the issue! (hint: look at page 60!)


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