August 27, 2015

4 Things You Might Not Think to Bring Abroad

Backpack If you are studying abroad you 100% need to bring a backpack.  I wasn’t positive if I was going to bring my North Face on this trip, but I am so glad I did! When we traveled to Positano for a weekend I was so thankful that I didn’t have to lug around a small rolling bag (there were many stairs involved).  Instead I opted to bring my backpack and a Longchamp tote and it was perfect!  Although it wouldn’t have been helpful to have on trip days where we went to big monuments like the Vatican (many big bags like backpacks are banned), it was definitely helpful for shorter travel opportunities.  

Longchamp As mentioned above, my Longchamp was helpful to have on long weekends.  It was also so helpful to have for every single trip day.  I used my Longchamp while we walked around Florence, Rome, Venice, the Vatican, and even to the beach in Positano.  Though many of these places are known for pick pocketers, my Longchamp always felt safe because the top zipped closed. I love to carry around my bigger DSLR camera so I can’t really opt for my smaller Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody, but I am so happy I was able to carry around my Longchamp tote because I could fit everything and also put anything I bought inside and wouldn’t have to worry about it being stolen by a pick pocketer.  

Sleepsack My one friend always raves about her sleeping bag shaped sheet.  I never really understood why I would need one until I got here. We stayed at some questionable hotels on our field trips which made me really happy I had this.  It helped me sleep a little easier even though I’m sure the sheets at the hotel were fine (but you never know, right?).  It also has a part to cover the pillow, which I loved too! 

Turkish Towel I purchased this fun towel from Design Darling about a year ago and threw it in my bag last minute.  It was so nice having for when I wanted to sit outside or even in Positano to use as a towel.  It’s so light that it will hardly take up any weight in your bag.  

Some other things that you should keep in mind before heading abroad: 

Keep some extra money or a credit card in your luggage. Obviously you’ll have your wallet with you at most times, but pick pocketing is a huge problem in Europe so there’s a chance you might not return to your hotel or apartment with everything you had in the morning.  To feel safe I kept a debit card on me at all times so that I could pay for things during the day, but I also kept another debit card in a backpack that I left in my hotel room.  Obviously, if you feel like your hotel isn’t the safest don’t leave it there,but if you think it’ll be safe, do! It’s nice to have that to fall back on just in case something happens to your wallet.  

Use Airbnb. You’ll probably be traveling on free time (which is SO much fun!!), so you’ll need a place to stay.  My friends and I used Airbnb on our trip and loved it.  For less than a hotel room, you can “rent” a whole apartment or house which is convenient if you’re traveling in larger groups.  It’s 100% trustworthy and I’d highly recommend using the service (even if you’re traveling within the US).  

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