April 25, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2014

I'm so obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer's newest collection of summer items! The pieces are really elegant and resemble some of Lilly Pulitzer's first pieces.  I love all of the shift dresses and lace detailing.  I can't deal with all of the adorable clothing items that are coming up for this summer (and my wallet can't either)!

Annabelle Halter Top

Franco Strapless Empire Dress

MacFarlane Lace Detail Shift Dress

Peachie Convertible Bikini

Liza Short
So it's safe to stay I love everything in the Sunglow Kissed By The Sun pattern.  Also, I just made my plans to go to the Lilly warehouse sale on June 7th! Is anyone else planning on going that day? Let me know!

April 19, 2014

Good {Friday} Brunch

Yesterday, a few of my friends took the train into the city to grab brunch and do a little bit of shopping. I had been dying to go to Lafayette for about 6 months now so I convinced my friends to go with me! Unfortunately, thinking it was Saturday, I was prepared for brunch and breakfast food, but being Friday, they weren't serving breakfast at 12. But, our food was incredible nonetheless! I am so thrilled that the meal was so delicious- and the service was amazing too!

Afterwards, we headed closer into soho and hit a few shops along the way. We went into Nesessary Clothing which I actually hadn't been in before and I really loved it! They sold a lot of the clothing that a lot of my favorite boutiques sell and for a nice price too! I ended up buying three things that were all the same shade of pink... Guess it was a pink day! 

Next we headed to urban outfitters, topshop, Steve Madden, dash, and C. Wonder! We even popped into Warbu Parker which was a great experience! I love the store-  so many different pairs to choose from! Makes me want glasses that much more!

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and happy Easter if you celebrate! 


April 16, 2014

OMG Shoes!

I've never been a shoe person.  I've had friends who would spend every penny on a new pair of shoes, but I've never been like that.  Until now.  Recently I've been shoe obsessed.  

Swoon.  (x100000) I cannot get over my obsession with these heels.  I've been lusting over them since I first saw them about 3 years ago.  Since prom is coming up I may splurge, but I can decide which color to get! Love these.  
I stumbled upon these while shopping a few weeks ago and couldn't resist.  I absolutely love the dotted chambray pair I got! They're so cute and I have gotten so many compliments while wearing them!
These flats from Gap are so classic, and I need them. They're so easy to wear but can look so cute with leggings and a sweater.  

April 13, 2014

Trends in Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses that are color tinted have been so popular over the past few weeks, it's been almost inescapable.  At first I was a little skeptical about the whole trend but it has completely grown on me.  I'm obsessed.  I don't know if I would be able to pull it off, but I absolutely love the look: super sleek and contemporary.  

Ray ban does them in almost ever style they make, and it just looks so good.  This trend has definitely trickling down to sunglasses that are produced in less expensive stores.   Personally, I don't think I love this trend so much as to purchase a pair from Ray ban but I would definitely consider purchasing an inexpensive pair to have some fun!

Some styles I've found:


What's your take on this sunglass trend?

April 7, 2014

Gold and Silk

Lately I have been obsessed with silk tops with gold detailing around the neck, if you couldn't already tell from my latest Instagram. (@dashofserendipity) They're so easy to wear and perfect for summer. I love how fun these tops are while they're still really classy.

Two of my favorites are from Fornash (how adorable is the open back?) and Lilly Pulitzer

April 5, 2014

Initial Necklace

I saw this picture while browsing through pinterest and fell in love with the initial necklace she's sporting.  I found it on bauble bar and knew I had to have it.  I left the page in a tab along with about 7 other tabs of things that I really want to buy (aka my wish list that sits there until the tabs disappear).  I was browsing through Facebook one day and there was an ad for bauble bar and normally I would continue scrolling but I noticed there was a 50% off coupon attached (FB50).  I jumped at the chance to get this necklace for 1/2 the price, and I'm so happy with the result! 

I absolutely love it.  It's gold acrylic so it's less expensive than a gold dipped monogram necklace and it won't tarnish.  I also love that it only includes two of my initials whereas my other monogram necklaces have all three.  It's very unique and I am so excited to style it.  

For those who might be wondering this is the small size in the color "gold fill" with an 18 inch chain!

April 4, 2014

Friday Fixes

Today has been such a rainy and cold day, so I decided to stop in and get a macaron after school.   I'm so glad I did! Perfect pick me up for an exhausting and dreary Friday. 

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