October 29, 2014

Dorm Photos: Bed

Today I'll finally be sharing more dorm photos, this time the bed area! 

Bedding: PB teen
Pillows: Pink Bamboo pillow (etsy), navy/white pillow (bed bath and beyond), Lilly pillows (etsy) 
Blanket: C Wonder
Under my bed I have my (small) dresser and a lot of bins from bed bath and beyond where I keep all of my clothes that aren't hung and some snacks. 
In between my bed and my room mates we have a bookcase from ikea that houses our printer on the middle shelves and two straw bins on the top and two on the bottom. On top I keep a photo? Perfume and monogram ring holder. 

Look out for more pictures of my room later this week!

October 23, 2014

Dorm Room Tour: The Closet

I'm FINALLY ready to share pictures of my dorm on the blog! I've decided I'll split it into parts.  First is the closet!

Top Shelf: (l to r) My "junk" bin (basically where I keep random things like toiletry bags, halloween costumes, etc), 2 bins for emergency stuff like medicine, sewing kit, and feminine products, my rain boots, riding boots, and cowboy boots.
Middle Rack: (l to r) scarves, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, dresses. 

Bottom Shelf: (l to r) drying rack, skirts, vests/jackets, (not pictured: 2 bins for shoes/laundry).

Stay tuned to see more pictures of the rest of my dorm within the next few days!

October 5, 2014


Since I've gotten to college I've placed at least three orders from Tobi, which is funny to me because I used to never shop there.  But recently, I've found their clothes to be cute, trendy, and most importantly cheap.  I love the assortment of fun rompers and dresses and the countless frequent new arrivals.

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Sweetly Scallop Dress

Fiona's Flowy Romper

Winnie Shift Dress

Fair And Square Top
In Tiers Romper

October 1, 2014


So... it's been awhile.  I haven't written an actual blog post since the end of the summer, and in the two months since then a lot has happened.  I moved in to a dorm and started my college career, making incredible friends and memories along the way.  I never would have imagined how quickly I would make such incredible friends, which made the transition so much easier.  Once classes started it was amazing how quickly I grew into a routine and really found myself at home.  I am so thrilled to say that I chose the perfect school for me and couldn't be happier here.


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