October 31, 2016

Maroon Jacket

Isn't this jacket the perfect Fall/Winter accessory!? I wore the black version like crazy last year, but this color is definitely my favorite.  It's an easy way to add color into a winter wardrobe, which is something I'm always aspiring to do. 

This outfit is definitely on the edgier side of the spectrum when it comes to my wardrobe.   Up until a few years ago I never wore black.  Honestly, it's still not my favorite color to wear.  But, my as I've gone through college I've acquired more black in my wardrobe and last week finally made the purchase of these black booties for one of my sorority's philanthropy events where we required to wear black shoes! 

It's also Halloween today, so Happy Halloween! Unfortunately I have bronchitis and was stuck in my bed pretty much all weekend and most of last week fighting that, so I didn't even get to dress up this year! Though I guess I could say I dressed up as "sleeping beauty" by how much of this past weekend I spent sleeping. 

October 24, 2016

Sweaterdress Season

Dress / Boots (Similar)  / Necklace

This dress was one of my purchases last week in the shopbop sale! The price was already pretty great, but getting it for an additional 25% off was so nice! This dress reminded me of something I would've worn in high school: a sweater overtop of a dress with riding boots. 

Luckily, the weather has cooled down enough that I was finally able to break out one of my favorite riding boots.  These were from a few seasons ago, so I wasn't able to find the exact link, but added a link for a similar one above! 

October 13, 2016



My all time favorite store? ShopBop! 

You've heard me ramble on and on plenty of times by now how much I love ShopBop.  Fast shipping + so many options makes it my go-to for almost all my shopping needs.  

How could it get any better? 25% off! (or 30% if you spend $500+) with the code MAINEVENT16

Stop what you're doing and check these pieces out because they're TOO good!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 

12 / 13 / 14 / 15

October 10, 2016

Off the Shoulder at Magnolia

Over parents weekend a few weeks ago, my parents and I drove about an hour and a half away to Waco, Texas to visit Magnolia Silos! If you aren't an HGTV fan, you may not be familiar with what Magnolia is, but it's the store for the show Fixer Upper! But Magnolia is much more than just a home store.  I'll probably ramble on about what Magnolia was like in another post, so let's focus on the outfit!

So many people own this Zara dress and I can see why.  It's insanely comfortable and soft, which you wouldn't necessarily expect from a chambray dress. The off the shoulder style is extremely flattering-- almost everyone I know who has this dress looks great in it! 

October 5, 2016

Contest with POPSUGAR!

Hey ya'll! With four tests this week, I haven't had much time to draft blog posts, but I do have some exciting news and a favor to ask!

POP SUGAR recently named me one of Top 6 influencers and there is currently a contest going on here! It's super easy to vote and I'd really appreciate it if you did so!

To vote just click that link and scroll to the second group of pictures and click on my face! That's it! So easy right?

Thanks again guys! Will have a full schedule of posts next week again!

October 4, 2016

Brows Are A Girls Best Friend

Thank you to European Wax Center ® for sponsoring today’s post! I’m excited to share all about my brow experience!

Since coming to college, I have definitely ignored the need to take care of my eyebrows.  When thinking about who to trust with my brows, I get worried that I’ll make the wrong decision.  As Summer tans fade and Fall moves in, bold eyebrows become even more important.

Today the hottest accessory is beautiful brows.  In searching for knowledgeable brow experts, I found European Wax Center®, just a short drive from my school.  The center has locations all across the country, which is making it even easier to maintain my brows wherever I am. Chances are there’s a center near your school or home.  At the center I was provided a great eyebrow wax (that I so badly needed) while also learning a lot about how to maintain my brows on a daily basis through different products in European Wax Center’s collection Strut Boldly™.  

I was so impressed when I got my eyebrows done at the center for the first time in months (seriously guys, I put it off for way too long).  My brow expert walked me through my brow structure and what she was planning on doing before we started.  

My brow expert also pointed out that the type of wax used in the center is specially made to be gentle on the skin and the wax was definitely the least painful wax I’ve used in the past.  It didn’t leave my skin red or irritated after the process.

My favorite product in the Strut Boldly collection is definitely the Oh My Brow! ™ Brow Highlighter! I’ve experimented with other highlighting products in the past, but find that this highlighting stick provides the most natural effect right under the arch of the brow.  My brow expert even provided a major pro tip: applying this highlighter actually can mask the appearance of new growth! So if you’re too busy to get in for a wax, you can quickly swipe this product under your brows for a clean look.  I’ve even started putting this product on the inner corner or my eyelids and on my nose for a glowing look that is perfect for the beginning of Fall as my tan starts to slip away.  

If your eyebrows are a little unruly like mine, the Ready. Set. Brow! ™Perfect Brow Groomer is the perfect product for you! The soft-holding gel is easily applied with a brush and looks natural while holding your brows in place throughout the day.  For a limited time only, when you spend $49 on products or services at European Wax Center® you will get a free tote until October 31st 2016!

First time guests get a complimentary brow service, but I’m excited to share that you can get $5 off Strut Boldly products at any European Wax Center® (find your closest location here!) by showing this post to the front desk by December 31st 2016.  To make your first reservation online you can visit the reservations page.


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