August 21, 2015

Friday Finds

Right now, I am on a plane headed back to Dallas!!! This summer has been nothing short of amazing and I'm so thankful for all the amazing experiences I had.  But, I am so excited to start my sophomore year (can't believe I'm already a sophomore).

Here's some things on my Friday Finds this week!

I love this post on things from Home Goods being styled by real people! I love Home Goods and it's so inspiring seeing people find some amazing things there.

Last week I had a minor tech issue with my blog that was a little above my head, but Stephanie was able to help me clear it up so easily!!! I had to give her services a shout out because she is amazing with all html problems and designs.  Make sure to reach out to her if you need any help!

How perfect is this dorm room? I can't wait to set up my own this weekend.

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