December 24, 2017

Life Lately + 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity Recap

You guys!! It's the very last day of 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity, which means Christmas is tomorrow! When I first embarked on this journey I was in a bit of a pre-finals haze and really didn't know if I had bit off more than I could chew.

Pledging to post every single day for 24 days after a semester of a sporadic blog posting schedule was definitely also a test for myself. I didn't entirely think through that I would have to write posts during finals, a trip to Colorado, and prep for the holiday season but I am so happy that I was able to get a post up (on time, might I add!) for all 24 days of December!!

I had planned on writing up a post about my favorite Holiday appetizers, but that didn't feel like the right note to end this series on.

I've also been missing these sort of rambly style posts (like my Friday round-up posts), so for today's Christmas Eve post, I wanted to look back on December and share some personal snaps and stories!

December 23, 2017

Simple Sweater | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

Only two days until Christmas! While doing some last minute shopping, gift wrapping, and catching up with friends I opted to wear this cozy sweater from J.Crew! I love it, but would caution that it runs pretty small so definitely go two sizes up ideally. I was shocked how small these sweaters run. It's pretty short for me and the sleeves are a little short too, which is surprising because I'm really not very tall. 

December 22, 2017

Last Minute Beauty Gifts | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

My Amazon purchasing habits have been out of control lately knowing that I still have time to order any last minute gifts. Isn't it crazy how much is available on Amazon?? I pretty much did all of my holiday shopping on Amazon with the exception of a few special gifts. 

All of these beauty items are available on Amazon Prime with free One Day shipping so you'll definitely get these gifts in time for Christmas if you order now! 

How cool is this set of 16 face masks??

The Nude Dude palette by The Balm is my absolute favorite and pretty much the only eyeshadow palette that I use! 

December 21, 2017

New Year's Eve Sparkle | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

There's only a week and a half left in 2017. The start of 2018 is a little bittersweet for me because this year I graduate college. When I was younger I remember counting up the years and realizing that it would be 2018 when I graduated college. Back then, 2018 felt like a lifetime away, but now it's here!! It's definitely scary to think about my life beyond college, but I'm looking forward to the year ahead.

December 20, 2017

Last Minute Gifts | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

With just 4 days left until Christmas, you may be realizing you forgot an important present or are looking for another thing to put under the tree. All of these adorable gifts are perfect for the last minute shopper and can still be purchased online to arrive before Monday! 

December 19, 2017

15 Christmas Cookie Recipes | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

24 Days of Dash of Serendipity is almost over! I can't believe how quickly this month has flown by. Can you believe that Christmas is almost here? I have loved celebrating the holiday season with all of you! All of these cookie recipes look absolutely delicious and I am so excited that I came across them while browsing through pinterest! Which cookie would you want to taste?





Hot Chocolate Cookies











December 18, 2017

Stocking Stuffers | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

Shopping for stocking stuffers can be so fun because during the holiday season a lot of stores sell limited edition smaller options of popular products or highlight them in unique displays in stores. I love shopping in the display lining Sephora's check out line because everything is a perfect stocking stuffer. 

A lot of these stocking stuffers in today's posts are things I already have and love. Like this liter water bottle or lion ring. 

December 17, 2017

Sealed With A Bow | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

Holiday outfits adorned with a bow can make the look feel so festive. I love wearing bows anytime of year, but especially during the holidays. This time of the year there are so many opportunities to wear fun outfits because of holiday gatherings, parties, and get-togethers.

If you're unsure of what to wear, these pieces will surely make your outfits pop and keep look perfectly festive for any party.

December 16, 2017

Gifts for Parents | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

Less than ten days to go until Christmas day! Can you believe we're already halfway through 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity?! Have y'all been enjoying these posts? I have to admit it's been a lot of fun posting every day. I am so happy I was able to make it through finals and get all of these posts up! 

Today's post is all about what to get for your parents! I find that parents can be a little hard to shop for but these gifts are all something they most likely don't already own or if they do own it, they could always use another one!

December 15, 2017

Capes & Ponchos | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

I've developed a sort of reputation with my friends as the girl with all the capes. When we were packing for my trip to Colorado my friends told me they were excited to borrow my capes for the nights we were dressing up. Sadly, I left most of my capes and ponchos back home in New Jersey since I rarely find the opportunity to wear them in Dallas. 

December 14, 2017

Travel Gifts | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

As I have begun my (last ever!) winter break, I have realized that I will be doing a fair amount of traveling over the next month. It inspired this gift guide and made me realize how awesome travel-related gifts can be over the holiday season. 

December 13, 2017

Velvet Crush | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

Velvet is taking over the fashion game this season. Whether it's a small accessory or a full dress, you can certainly find what you're looking for made of the soft material. To be honest, I haven't yet added many velvet pieces to my closet, but after creating the collage for this post I can't wait to dive into the trend. 

December 12, 2017

What's On My Friends' Wishlists | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

I am so excited about today's post because it involves all of my friends!! When I was thinking of what sort of posts I wanted to include in this year's 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity series throughout December I immediately started brainstorming how I could incorporate my friends. 

Today I am going to share a few items on each of my friend's Holiday wishlist. I thought this would be a fun way to bring in a few different perspectives on gifts. Whether you're looking for something to get one of your friends or still looking for some ideas for yourself, I thought that these ideas would be helpful and fun! 

For some background, I told my friends to give me two things on their wishlists and didn't give any other criteria. I wanted to be able to share what ten different people wanted this holiday season!

Thank you to all of my lovely friends for agreeing to help! You're all the best. 




December 11, 2017

Gifts Under $50 | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

Today's gift guide features 21 cute gifts under $50! This is a common price range for secret Santa gift exchanges with friends; all of these gifts would make perfect for that! I especially want to try out this glitter face mask. Totally not sure if it works well or not, but kind of fun to put some glitter on your face, right? 

December 10, 2017

Holiday Shoes | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

There are so many fun shoe options during the holiday season. Ornate bows, shiny material, and fun silhouettes make all of these shoes perfect to show off at holiday parties or dinners. I believe that wearing a shoe that pops can really transform an outfit. 

December 9, 2017

9 Favorite Christmas Movies, Ranked | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

Photo via 

I would consider myself to be a self-proclaimed Christmas movie expert. I just love them. I hardly ever find myself not watching one at all times during the Christmas season, even if it's just the Hallmark channel for background noise. 

I was just going to list out some of my favorites, but as I started writing this post I got more invested in the movies I was included and knew I had to rank them. It makes this post so much more interesting. 

So the rankings in this post are totally not official, just my opinion. I truly would be happier watching any holiday movie than studying for finals if we're being real. 

I wonder what y'alls favorite movies during this time of year are, I'd love to know!

9. A Christmas Prince

Where to watch? Netflix. 
This movie was cute and totally hallmark style in just about everything about it. I added it to the list because it is brand new and easily accessible considering most people have access to a Netflix account. It's a good one to watch early in the season because it isn't too Christmas heavy, theme-wise.

8. Disney's A Christmas Carol 

Where to watch? Amazon, Apple 
I like this version of A Christmas Carol the best and while it can be a little slow it's definitely entertaining! I remember watching this for the first time when it came out while I was in middle school in one of my classes just before Christmas break. Remember when the day before Christmas break was filled with in-class parties and movie days? Much nicer than finals I'd say. 

7. The Santa Clause

Where to watch? Amazon, Apple 
I appreciate the first Santa Clause movie way more than the others, anyone else? I feel like the other ones are constantly played on ABC Family Freeform. Justice for the original Santa Clause movie! 

6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas? 

Where to watch? Netflix, Apple 
I really like the Grinch and will watch it if I catch it on TV, but probably won't go out of my way to turn it on. I do love the part where the Grinch can't find anything to wear after having a mini fashion show in front of his mirror before finally exclaiming, "I have nothing to wear, I'm not going!" Is that not just the most relatable thing?

5. The Polar Express 

Where to watch? Amazon, Apple 
This movie kind of used to scare me when I was younger, but I loved it at the same time. Fun fact: I wrote in a letter to Santa one year that I wanted one of the sleigh's bells that year for Christmas. Little did I know, that when I was getting the mail a few days later as a part of my chores I would find a package of bells and thus the legend of Santa was ruined for me. Haha, still enjoy the movie though! 

4. Love Actually

Where to watch? Amazon, Apple
While people might consider this a Christmas classic, I only first saw it a few years ago. I do love it, but because it is still fairly new to me it didn't make it quite that high on my list. I love the storylines and how they all intertwine. Have you seen the meme relating Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to the movie? 

3. Once Upon a Christmas / Twice Upon a Christmas 

Where to watch? Hallmark Channel (Dec 17 at 1am!), DVD
I may be the only person in the world who genuinely loves this movie, probably because it has been one of my favorites for as long as I can rememebr. ABC Family used to play it all of the time during the Christmas season until about five years ago. The year they took it off I couldn't find it anywhere, but now it looks like the Hallmark channel will be playing it super late at night on December 17! I'd recommend recording it. It's a cute movie about Santa's daughter who tries to save Christmas for a distressed family. 

2. The Holiday 

Where to watch? Amazon, Hulu, Apple 
The Holiday is such a feel good movie!! I love it. I love Jack Black in the movie and the old neighbor man. 

1. Elf 

Where to watch? Amazon, Apple
It would be a crime if I didn't have Elf at the number one spot on my list. It's a true favorite of mine that I probably watch a few times a season. I constantly find myself quoting lines from the movie year-round. My favorite part? Buddy's trip to the doctor's office. 

December 8, 2017

Personalized Gifts | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

Personalized gifts are a thoughtful way to celebrate your friends and family this holiday season. When you receive a personalized gift, it automatically feels more special because you know the gift giver had to have picked out your gift ahead of time and chose something that was special to you. 

December 7, 2017

Casual Holiday Outfit | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

Top / Vest / Jeans / Boots / Sunglasses   

Although this outfit is pretty neutral, just black, white and denim, I love it for the Holiday season. I think it is the perfect look for a casual dinner or night out. This top is so versatile and could be transitioned into different outfits for vastly different occasions. I already wore it once with one of my favorite black leather skirts for my sorority's founders day tea and I know it'll be a staple in my closet this Holiday season. 

It's crazy to think that I take my first final of the semester today! I will be done with the semester come Saturday and then I only have one semester left of college! WHAT!? I honestly can't believe how quickly my time in college has gone. 

I am so excited to be heading to Beaver Creek, Colorado in just under a week with some friends to kick off the start of our last winter break! I haven't been skiing since I went on a trip for spring break sophomore year and can't wait to go again!  

December 6, 2017

Gifts Under $25 | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

I am so excited about this gift guide! These gifts are perfect small gifts to get a friend or sibling or even perfect for a secret Santa gift exchange. I have purchased a few of the *mini*lightboxes to give as gifts. It's just so cute because it is mini! You can't tell in the collage what the size is really like, but it's so cute in person and perfect to display on a desk! (idea: the perfect gift for a co-worker!)

December 5, 2017

Holiday Cocktail Dresses | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

It's always important to have a cocktail dress ready to go at all time, you just never know when you'll have an opportunity to wear something nice. The holiday season is a great time to dress up whether it is at a Christmas party, formal or even new years! 

December 4, 2017

Christmas Playlist | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

I take my Christmas music very seriously. My Spotify playlist for the holiday season is over seven hours and growing. I get so excited each December when I feel like it is finally time to start listening to my favorite holiday songs again. They just make me so happy and so excited for the Holiday break. When I am studying for finals listening to this music it is hard to be too stressed. 

What's your favorite holiday song? Let me know in a comment 

December 2, 2017

Holiday Pajamas | 24 Days of Dash of Serendipity

I'm very guilty of wearing my holiday and winter pajamas all year round. My flannel pajama bottoms are just too comfy and cozy to put away for half the year. 

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