July 2, 2018

NYC Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

In less than a month I am moving into my first apartment in New York!!!! I am SO excited and can hardly wait to finally live in the city. I've commuted in from New Jersey for the past three summers and I'm definitely ready to appreciate living so close to everything. My commute to work right now is about an hour and a half each way. I don't know what I'm going to do when I get those three hours a day back!! (Hopefully blog a lot more!)
I am living with two of my best friends and cannot be more excited. Our apartment is cute and checks off a lot of the boxes we were looking for. It has a decent size balcony which I am SO excited about. That was something I wasn't expecting to find in this apartment.

However, my room is quite small as most rooms are in New York. I can pretty much only fit my bed! This lead me to get VERY creative with storage solutions and how to maximize my space. Luckily, Ikea is great when it comes to this!!

While thinking about how I wanted to design my room I had to keep in mind that it is so small. Any dark or bright colors could make the room appear smaller. I also want to make the space as relaxing and serene as possible so that it feels cozier.

BED / This Ikea bed is perfect for me because of the drawer space underneath. My bed is going to be sideways against the wall and I will only be able to access the drawers from one side. Other storage beds I found had drawer access from the foot of the bed, but that wouldn't work for me because my bed will be against a wall on 3 sides. The drawers are big in this bed and the storage will be very useful.

RUG / I love this rug because it is so light but still brings a little color into the room. It is perfect to brighten up the space and bring in a little comfort because it is so soft.
PILLOWS / I knew I wanted to work around these pillows when I started thinking about my room because I already had them in my room in the sorority house last year. It wasn't hard to work with them because they're navy, but I think they look really good with the rug I picked out. 

MIRROR / Hello storage!!! I love that this mirror secretly houses a shallow cabinet that is perfect for jewelry. Jewelry storage can sometimes be an eyesore, but this completely conceals it while brightening the space with some reflecting light. 

FLOATING NIGHTSTAND / Because I have the ever so useful drawers under my bed, a nightstand wouldn't be practical in my room. It would block the drawers from opening and defeat the purpose of having the storage space. I found these cabinets with drawers from Ikea that can be perfectly used as a floating nightstand. I'm planning on adding some cute gold drawer pulls like these to make them look a little bit cuter. 

PICTURE FRAMES / I'm planning on putting a few square picture frames next to my bed so that I can display some of my favorite pictures. I like the idea of having frames that are all the same size and cohesive so that I don't clutter the room at all.

I am soooo excited to show you guys my room as I move in! If you have any ideas for how I can maximize storage please let me know!


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