July 23, 2018

5 Things I'm Loving This Week

1. Since my commute to work is pretty long, I decided to try listening to an audiobook to pass the time. I downloaded Crazy Rich Asians and fell in love with the book and listening to something on tape!! The book went by so fast and I just downloaded the sequel to listen to next! Have you listened to audiobooks before??

2. This eyeshadow palette has lasted me so long and I don't know what I'd do without it! It has pretty much every color I would need to create daytime or night time looks!

3. When I saw these rainbow slides in one of Fran Acciardo's blog posts I fell in love!!! I bought them and absolutely love them, though they are soooo uncomfortable and I have to figure out how to really break them in. They're super stiff, it's kind of strange, but I hope they get more comfortable soon!

4. I love my monogram phone case from The Daily Edited! I finally broke away from using a phone case with a wallet pocket, which was kinda hard. I was so used to having pretty much everything in my wallet on the back of my phone that I left without my wallet a few times! 

5. The #1 thing that I'm loving (should this have gone first??) is that this time next week I'll be living in New York!!! I am sooooo excited to not have to commute into the city anymore and move into my apartment!! It's going to be pretty nice not having to work around a train schedule and getting to sleep a few hours later!



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