October 10, 2016

Off the Shoulder at Magnolia

Over parents weekend a few weeks ago, my parents and I drove about an hour and a half away to Waco, Texas to visit Magnolia Silos! If you aren't an HGTV fan, you may not be familiar with what Magnolia is, but it's the store for the show Fixer Upper! But Magnolia is much more than just a home store.  I'll probably ramble on about what Magnolia was like in another post, so let's focus on the outfit!

So many people own this Zara dress and I can see why.  It's insanely comfortable and soft, which you wouldn't necessarily expect from a chambray dress. The off the shoulder style is extremely flattering-- almost everyone I know who has this dress looks great in it! 


  1. cute cute outfit! I love your purse!!

    Sweetly, Sally // www.sweetlysally.com



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