April 4, 2016

Monthly Gift

Imagine never having to run out of pads or tampons.  Never finding yourself in a moment of panic when you reach for one of the two at that time of the month only to be hit with the realization that you don't have any left.  Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about whether or not you would have enough hygiene products for your next period? Monthly Gift handles just that!

Monthly Gift is a new subscription based service that provides women with feminine care products once a month.  Monthly Gift is looking to empower women to take of themselves through their services.  Using technology (in their free app!), Monthly Gift monitors ovulation/menstrual cycle patterns and will deliver a discreet box of everything you need right before your period arrives.  The best part? Each Little Black Box is complete with emergency chocolate!

Not only will Monthly Gift do its best to provide adequate products for you each month, but the company also looks to help girls all over the world too! Monthly Gift is partnered with Days for Girls, an organization devoted to creating a better, more educated world through access to feminine hygiene products. When girls have access to proper hygiene they are more likely to stay in school, and as a result the cycle of poverty is broken.  Monthly Gift and Days for Girls are doing amazing things for girls all over the world.

The packaging of the Monthly Gift box is sleek and no one will ever know you just received your month's supply of tampons and pads.

As far as pricing, Monthly Gift offers three different subscription options:

  • Cycle-to Cycle Plan: $13.00 per cycle
  • Six Cycle Plan: $12.00 per cycle
  • Twelve Cycle Plan $10.00 per cycle. 

If you never want to feel unprepared for your period again, subscribe to Monthly Gift! Let them take care of the hassle in making sure you're ready and skip the uncomfortable drug store runs.  Monthly Gift will show up on your door step right when you need it! 

This post is sponsored by Monthly Gift and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Dash of Serendipity!

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