March 15, 2016

San Francisco Recap

I headed to San Francisco for the last two days of my Spring Break after Colorado because my family was headed there on the first part of their break! I had never been to California, and was excited to see what the city was like.

Unfortunately, I ended up getting in about 5 hours later than I was supposed to after over sleeping and missing my shuttle to the airport in Colorado, so when I arrived to SF it was dark, and rainy.  I went straight to meet my family at The Slanted Door.  I was starving and tired, so I really think any restaurant would've sounded incredible.  I ate some of a squid dish, cauliflower, dumplings, and cellophane noodles and everything was delicious.

The next morning, we all woke up around 7:30 to get ready for the day.  We had planned on heading out to see the redwoods, but because of the rain decided against that plan.  Instead, we went to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse for pastries for breakfast.  The line wasn't very long since we got there just about 45 minutes after it opened.  We opted not to wait in the cruffin line, and instead had the Ferrero Rocher and Bananas Foster Donuts, Turkey and Pesto Danish, and a Artichoke Danish.  I thought everything was really good and the cute neon lights in the shop we so insta-worthy (which I loved!).

After that we went to check out the Goyard store, per my request.  I loved staring at the pretty bags and am looking forward to the day where I've saved up enough money to feel comfortable purchasing one!

From there, we went over to Fillmore Street and stopped in Toss Designs, which was the cutest little shop! They had tons of gift items including matches, napkins, small cosmetics bags, etc.  I love stores like this, and was delighted to find so many cute items.  Lots of preppy, fun, and colorful products! I'd really recommend stopping in if you're on Fillmore!

We then walked over to The Bud Stop to look at the flowers.  I read about them online, but nothing I saw before did this cute spot justice.  All of the flowers were so fresh and they had a lot of unique blooms to choose from.  I loved that they wrapped up the bouquet in brown paper after you've selected the flowers you want!

For lunch on our first day we went a little outside the city (over the Golden Gate Bridge!) to Farm Shop in the Marin Country Mart.  The food was amazing.  We started with the avocado hummus-- which was a beautiful mix between gaucamole and hummus topped with some pistachios.  It was delicious and unlike anything I've ever tasted before.  Since we were starving, we also ordered a pizza to share, which tasted just like the pies I had in italy this past summer! For my main, I had the pappardelle bolognese, which reminded me of italy as well!

After the day, we were tired but kept driving around, eventually landing on Hayes St, which reminded us a lot of the West Village in NYC. There were a lot of cute shops, and it was probably one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city.  Lavish was my favorite store that we popped into, which reminded me a lot of a cuter paper source!

In the same neighborhood the following day we headed into a candy store called Miette.  Filled with bright colors of candy, it's hard not to find this place especially cute.  I purchased raspberry turkish delights that were really yummy and unlike any gummy candy I've really had before.

For another sweet treat the night before, we went to Smitten, where they freeze the ice cream as you order it.  You select your flavor, and fillings, and then they put it in a nitrogen mixer where it becomes the solid ice cream we all know and love! It was really tasty, even for someone who doesn't love ice cream too much like me.

My favorite meal in the city came from Park Tavern, where we went to brunch right before I left.  The food was really delicious, but the deviled eggs and avocado toast really stole the show.

If you go to San Francisco, the one thing I must recommend doing is stopping by the Fortune Cookie factory! Nestled in an alley in china town, there's a small fortune cookie factory where you can watch a few cookie be made, and even make your own fortunes to put in a few cookies! My brother got a few made to say "PROM?" and will use them for his prom-posal later this month!

I wish I had more time-- and sunnier days-- to explore San Francisco but unfortunately my spring break had to end!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time in San Fran (other than the rain and the missed flight)! I've never been but I definitely want to get out there at some point!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  2. Looks like so much fun! Never been to a goyard store and didn't know much about them until I started blogging and I'd love to see them more in person! All those flowers look so beautiful! AGH! What a great way to spend spring break.

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess



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