March 14, 2016

Colorado Recap

It's the Monday after Spring Break and waking up this morning was definitely more difficult than last Monday.  I can't believe how quickly the week came and went.  I'm so grateful to have spent a week with six of my best friends and six new ones in Copper Mountain, Colorado.  I had never been skiing out west so I was very excited to get the chance to see what skiing would be like out there.  In fact, I hadn't put on skis in five years!

I wasn't sure what would happen on that first run, but was pleasantly surprised to see I still knew how to ski.  Though, I definitely was not as good as some of the others on my trip.  I mainly stuck to blues for the duration of the week with about five other people from my trip.

Since we stayed in an apartment instead of a hotel, we had the opportunity to cook most of our meals.  We went grocery shopping on the way into Copper Mountain, and had all of our meals mostly pre-planned.  Let me just say, we all felt pretty "adult" during the trip, cooking and planning our own meals.  I'm pretty impressed by the organization and cooking talent within our group because pretty much every meal was delicious.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to play charades! I have really never played the game fully, but we had so much fun playing all together a few of the nights.  Things got really intense when the word was "decent" but the guessers only got to "descend".

On our second night we took a twenty minute trip into Vail to get a change of scenery and happened to stumble upon the US Open closing ceremony.  Right as we were walking by this stage area with a massive crowd, Shawn White was given his medal! After dinner, we went back to the stage to see the end of GRiZ perform! It was a nice surprise to our night.

At the end of the week, it was almost 40 degrees, which is by no means warm, but since it was the warmest day we decided to wear our swimsuits.  This ended in many laughs-- and pictures of course! It was actually really fun skiing like this and we even got a little bit of a tan!

For our last night, most of us stayed up pretty late to finish all of the groceries and things we had purchased for the trip.  It was lots of fun staying up chatting and having fun, but major note to self-- if you go to bed at 4am the night before your flight, set multiple alarms! I always wake up on my first alarm (I don't even snooze) on a normal day, but I swear I must've turned off my 6:15am alarm that morning and ended up waking up at 8am, completely missing my 6:45 shuttle.

Luckily, after many delays and a flight change I made it on my way to San Francisco, where I spent the last two days of my Spring Break! I'll be posting about what we did in SF tomorrow!

Happy Monday, folks!

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