October 5, 2015

Midterm Study Tips

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It's at that point in the semester where it seems like I have a midterm almost every day of the week.  It's also crazy to already be midway through the semester! Since midterms come at different times for each class it's easy to not set aside the proper time to let yourself prepare.  Some of my friends had their toughest weeks last week, some have it this week.  Going to do things with friends who don't have midterms coming up is so tempting. If I know I have something tough coming up I have to put myself in solitary confinement in the library until I get everything done.

And what do I do while locked away in the library?

Make flashcards
I always try and make flashcards, especially for classes that the tests are very term based.  It's so helpful and reinforces the information.

Handwrite a study guide
Before a test, I always love going through my notes and taking the most important pieces and writing them down onto a separate study guide.  I prefer hand writing because it's supposed to help retain knowledge! After I have all my most important notes written down, I'll go through and highlight some even more important points.

Study with friends 
After studying on your own, it can be really helpful to meet up with classmates and study together.  There may be something that you missed that you'll realize while studying with others.  It's also helpful to get to quiz each other and find ways to remember things all together!

Get sleep! 
It's so important to get sleep after studying for a test, so don't stay up all night! It's been proven that sleeping after studying helps you remember things because the memories are solidified while you're sleeping.  So, study as much as you can the night before, get a good night sleep and then go over your notes again in the morning!

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