October 2, 2015

Friday Finds

In the past two weeks I've taken a few midterms, and have a few more next week, which has made me realize that this semester is going by so quickly.  After looking at my calendar, I've realized that the rest of the semester might go by just as fast.

photo from Monday's post!

I'm so happy that almost all of my favorite shows have returned to TV, which means I have lots of shows to watch while I procrastinate studying! I'm obsessed with two of abc's new shows, Blood and Oil and Quantum! I was looking for new shows to watch on Sundays after Revenge was cancelled, and it seems like these will fill that spot nicely!

Onto my favorites...

I am obsessed with this j.crew coat and it's bumped to the top of my wishlist.

My newest Evelyn Henson print came in the mail this week (how cute is it?!).  This month you can use the code "bestfriend20" to get 20% off your purchase!

I've been listening to this song non stop after hearing it in a commercial the other day.

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