August 5, 2015

Three Books to Add to Your Reading List

There's something about being on vacation that gets me to read, a lot.  Maybe it's all the traveling, or sitting on the beach, but all I know is that I fly through books.  Last week, I read two and at the beginning of my trip to Europe I finished another.  

What to know: This book follows a girl, Sydney, after she finds out her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend.  She takes refuge in her neighbor's apartment and that's when everything unfolds.  Characters are so much deeper than the originally appear and you will not be able to put this book down. 

Read if: your a fan of Nicholas Sparks.  This book has all the qualities of Sparks' bestsellers but with something a little different from Colleen Hoover. 

What to know: What to do when you have access to a "time machine" that brings you back to 1958? Start a mission to stop JFK's assassination of course! Follow all the twists and turns that come in Stephen Kings miraculously written and well though out novel.  This book has earned it's place on my favorites list.  I couldn't put it down and finished all 800 pages in just two days.  It's unlike anything else I've ever read. 

Read if: Honestly, there's something for everyone in this book.  A little history, a little thrill, a little romance, and a little drama.  The concept of time travel may seem so unrealistic, but this book makes you believe it's actually possible.  Stephen King is a genius, though this book is truly unlike his others (in a good way because i'm too scared to see/read any of his horror stuff).  

What to know: Gary Stewart's birth mom contacts him when he was in his thirties, which leads him to wonder who his birth father was.  Though the mother has little knowledge about who he was, the evidence that she does has changes Stewarts world.  After more research things started piecing together; his father was probably the Zodiac Killer. 

Read if: You binge watch SVU or Criminal Minds, or you're just curious about the Zodiac Killer.  I knew nothing about the Zodiac Killer before this book, and I really don't even know why I picked it up.  I didn't even realize this was a true story until a few pages in.  Though a little thrilling at times, this book was so interesting to read, and the evidence found was incredible (though no conviction has been made).  

What books have you been reading this summer?

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  1. This is a fantastic blogpost since I'm at a loss to what I should read next! Definitely going to read these soon!
    Marisa Quinn



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