August 4, 2015

Martha's Vineyard Guide

Beach Plum Inn (Menemsha)
Hands down one of the best meals I ever had.  This was an accidental discovery this year, but it was such a pleasant surprise.  What puts this restaurant over the top is that the view is just as good as the food.  Ask to sit outside if you can because their outdoor set up is just unreal! 

Chilmark Tavern (Chilmark)
Go here for a cozy, reliable meal.  The food is really good but the atmosphere isn't anything special. 

Atlantic Fish and Chop House (Edgartown)
A constant favorite for my family, this restaurant is always good as has the greatest view in Edgartown! Perfect for dinner after an afternoon of shopping.  

Among the Flowers Cafe (Edgartown)
I love this place.  They have a great (big) lobster roll and their breakfast is great too.  (fun fact: we saw Miranda Cosgrove on our last trip here).  

Edgartown Seafood (Edgartown)
Stop here on your way back from the beach or grab some food on your way to the beach.  Great for take out or to get fish for that night's dinner.  (another fun fact: this is where we saw Shep of Vineyard Vines on our last trip!).  

Habor View Hotel (Edgartown)
One word: Brunch.  The brunch here is a m a z i n g.  If you're on the island on a Sunday you must have brunch here.  It's the best brunch buffet I have ever had.  There's something for everyone and sitting right across the road from the Edgartown lighthouse is such a treat!
Katydid (Edgartown) 
Need a cover up? Head over to Katydid and they'll have you covered.  They sell a ton of my favorite Roberta Roller Rabbit cover ups and other fun merchandise.  

Island Outfitters (Edgartown)
For a great sundress of a new pair of Krass and Co shorts, Island Outfitters is perfect!! I love their assortment of preppy clothing and accessories. 

Soft as a Grape (Edgartown, Vineyard Haven)
For all your MV apparel needs head to Soft as a Grape.  Every t-shirt, sweatshirt, sticker, or coffee mug you could ever need can be found in this store! I always make sure to pick up a t-shirt or two.  

Vineyard Vines (Edgartown, Oak Bluffs) 
How can you go to Martha's Vineyard and not check out Vineyard Vines? The company was started in MV and can be found in two of the towns.  

Nell (Edgartown)
There's always some great finds in Nell.  Anything from Amanda Uprichard, Susana Monaco, J Brand, and so much more! 
Gay Head Lighthouse and Cliffs 
Taking a drive out to Gay Head is well worth it for the amazing views at the cliffs.  They're seriously unlike anything else and I highly suggest visiting!


Each year we head over to Lobsterville, a small beach, during the afternoon to take a few pictures.  It's right across the bay from Menemsha but so much quieter.  It's really beautiful.

Menemsha Sunset

If you head to Menemsha for sunset, you won't be the only one.  It's very difficult to find parking, but viewing the sunset is well worth it.

South Beach

The biggest beach on MV is perfect for a day soaking up the sun and swimming in the (pretty big) waves!

Long Point Beach

My family's favorite beach on the Island.  It's part of the wildlife reserve so there's a fee, but that and the 10 minute drive down the dirt road is worth it.  Long point is similar to south beach but a lot quieter.  There's also a pond which is fun (and warmer) to swim in.

Katama Airfield

Something exciting to do when you've had enough of the beach is going for a Biplane ride! My brother and dad this a few years ago and loved it.  I've been dying to go myself but just didn't have time to last trip.

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  1. I absolutely adore Martha's Vineyard, it is so beautiful with tons to do!
    xo, Syd



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